ECHL Inaugural Hall Of Fame – 3 out of 4 Played in Greensboro

I really feel bad for the Greensboro News & Record as they have been losing good people; but at some point basic journalism skills must be used!

The ECHL Inaugural Hall of Fame will induct 4 people at the ECHL All-Star Game in Stockton (CA) and online at the ECHL Hall of Fame Website.

Henry Brabham – the league’s first commissioner and owner of various Roanoke teams.
Pat Kelly – ECHL Commissioner and Greensboro General 1959 – 1964.
Nick Vitucci – player, coach and former Greensboro Monarch 1989 – 1992.
Chris Valicevic – the player the News & Record acknowledged as playing in Greensboro – Monarchs 1993-1995.

The News & Record only reported (or edited the Press Release) that Valicevic played in Greensboro. He played here the shortest time of the three that did play here.
NOTE TO News & Record: Research is a terrible thing to waste. Please include The Hockey Datebase in your toolbox. A quick check of these names would have resulted in a more accurate story with higher local value.