John Robinson gets it right

John Robinson editor of the News and Record came out in Sunday’s N&R on page B3 and really put a nice touch on a mistake that showed up in last week’s paper.

The name of the Grimsley Whirlies starting goalie for the soccer team was left out of the boxscore from the game where the Whirlies battled Raleigh Broughton for the State 4-A title.

The N&R published the name of the backup goalkeeper and the starter, Will Curtis, had his name inadvertingly omitted. It was a mistake that most people probably missed but to be honest with you, I saw it and just thought that maybe Will Curtis was injured(a bad night to be hurt) or that Grimsley decided to with the backup goalie because he matched up better with Broughton.

I have a tendency to notice things like this because I have made a habbit of reading boxscores over the years. Shots on goal, Corner kicks, Saves, etc. I had seen Will Curtis’ name in the paper on numerous occasions during the season and had gotten used to him being in there as the regular goalie.

I wasn’t even aware that Will Curtis was the goalie until one night back in the fall when I was at the Page-Grimsley boys soccer match and I happened to notice that Grimsley had a brand-new scoreboard. I even wrote a blog about the new scoreboard and mentioned that I was up in the press box and saw John Curtis of Curtis Packing Company and those great Beef-Master Franks up there in the box. John was keeping the clock for the new scoreboard and I spoke with him briefly.

When I looked at the boxscore the next day, I saw the Will Curtis name and I put the two together, John Curtis father-Will Curtis son. John attended high school at a private academy up in Virginia if my memory is in proper working order and then John graduated from Appalachian State University.

John Curtis is a member in good standing of the local Greensboro Sports Council and does quite a bit to help out on the local sports scene.

Kudos to John Robinson for taking his entire column to get it right. Good ‘ole JR(not to be confused with good old JR/Jim Ross of WWE fame) took care of buiness and did it the right way. I have already talked to several people who saw the article and thought at first glance it was going to be another piece about the student-athlete transfers.

JR, of the N&R, sucked it up for the hometown team(paper) and the whole operation is better for it and Grimsley may have lost the game 3-2 in OT to Broughton but Dupont, Leonard, Curtis, Stewart, and all the other Whirlies under Cocah Martineau are keeping a program moving that coach Herk DeGraw got rolling many, many, moons ago.

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  1. Thanks, Andy, but I didn’t really go all the way in that column. We also got Coach Martineau’s first name wrong in the story — we used a stringer on the game, not Jeff Carlton. We corrected Martineau’s (and Will’s) name in the paper the next day. I didn’t include Coach Martineau’s error here because he’s not a high school kid and because I didn’t feel he needed me to fall on the sword the way I did for Will.

  2. Its just good to see the Whirlie Mens Soccer Team receiving some press on this site. I know its not a popular sport ( i don’t watch it) but it was quite an accomplishment for the team. Go WHIRLIES!

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