Metro 4-A football honors plus Norwood, Heavner, and Venable

I got the call today from one of the coaches over in High Point and he passed along names of those who have been honored for their accomplishments during the 2007 high school football season.

Metro 4-A Coach of the Year:Kevin Gillespie-Page
Metro 4-A Offensive Player of the Year:Will Newman-Page
Metro 4-A Defensive Player of the Year:Jamaral Rease-Grimsley
Metro 4-A Kicker of the Year:Matt Millisor-Page
Metro 4-A Punter of the Year:Stefan Shepherd-Grimsley

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Coach of the Year:Tommy Norwood-Ragsdale
Mid-Piedmont 3-A Offensive Player of the Year:Matt Heavner-Ragsdale
Mid-Piedmont 3-A Defensive Player of the Year:Justin Venable-Southeast Guilford

*****Others from High Point Central that made All-Conference:Ricky Mitchell, Ricky Dowdy, Ryan Jay, Chris Ilderton, Desmeion Kennedy, Akeem Langham, James Moorman*****
+++++If other coaches from say Page, Grimsley, NWG, etc. have more names for me send them my way and I will get them all up front and center ASAP. I would love to get my hands on a complete list.+++++

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