Ric(Flair) rips Randy(Orton) to stave off Retirement

No retirement yet for the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair as he held off “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton in Flair’s hometown of Charlotte, N.C. on Monday evening. If Flair had lost the match at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena then the “Nature Boy” would have been forced to retire after almost 75 years in the business.

Well according to Greensboro entertainment writer Bruce Mitchell it just seems like Flair has been around that long and he has made an impact on the Wrestling Industry. Chris Jericho offered up interference on Monday night to help Flair get the victory over Orton and thus allow Ric to keep applying the Figure Four for a few more weeks.

Ric Flair’s Retirement Tour, coming soon to a Coliseum near you. In fact, Vince McMahon is due to bring his traveling WWE Monday Night Raw crew to the Greensboro Coliseum in late December for a TV taping that is scheduled to air on the last Monday of 2007.

How long will Ric’s retirement road rally roll on? Stay tuned and we will keep you updated with news from the Pro Wrestling Torch, Wade Keller, Bruce Mitchell, Hornswoggle, and other sources.

6 thoughts on “Ric(Flair) rips Randy(Orton) to stave off Retirement

  1. The real “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel could take Flair out in less than 5 minutes. He did it at the Greensboro Coliseum back in the mid 80’s. Buddy Landel can still strut and move better than Ric Flair ever did. Flair is a has been and Landel is still like a kid that just broke loose in a candy shop. Landell can still break people up like a bull in china shop. Bruce Mitchell does’t know what he is talking about. He’s had his head up Flair’s **** so long Mitchell thinks he is on Space Mountain but wrestling fans Buddy Landel is greatest man to ever come out of Tennessee. You people here need to give Landel the credit he deserves. When will the true hardcore wrestling fans learn that everything that happened in Pro Wrestling history goes through Buddy Landel.

    Will anyone accept the challenge of Buddy Landel. Buddy Rogers said that Buddy Landel is the only “Nature Boy” that he would authorize.

    Long live Landel and you sportwriters and other schills can shove it up your *** and walk backwards.

    Buddy Landel’s cousin

  2. Joe, we had to go back and correct every one of your Landel spellings. There’s only one “L” in Landel. You placed two “Ls” in each one of your attempts to spell Landel’s name. We had to also star your expletives where deemed necessary.


    Don’t forget the line of the week:Me want Title match.

  3. I might want to get it right upside your head. Mind your own business ******. I took care of it for you this time but next time you want be so lucky. Who do you people think you are. I thought this was supposed to be a no spin zone where everybody had a chance to have their say and the host wasn’t going to try and spin around what we are trying to say. Give me a break or I’ll give your people a break they want forget.

    Landell still is the best.

  4. Joe’s spelling, poor grammar, and gets mad easily proves to things:

    1)He is Buddy’s kin.

    2) He is from Tennessee (Although Buddy claimed to have been from Hollywood)

    Joe, can you sing a couple of bars of Rocky Top???

    oops, I forgot. Here’s a little help Joe.

    Pronunciation: \ˈbär\ (Does not rhyme with BEAR)
    a vertical line across the musical staff before the initial measure accent

    Not: Where I order Jack Daniels.

  5. I remember Buddy Landel but does anybody know what eve happened to Buzz Tyler? I think they called him the Avalanche or something like that. Also is David Crockett living and is he still in the business? I think I saw Bob Caudle’s picture on a web site a while ago. Good discussion but I do agree with the others that Ric Flair was and still is the best Nature Boy.

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