If I were a betting man……

Last week was a rare ‘up’ week as the 5-1-1 mark makes me 49-71-4 for the season, so there could be hope yet!

This week I like

Navy -14 vs. Army: The Midshipmen have been steadily thumping their arch rival ever since Paul Johnson arrived on the scene. Look for this trend to easily continue.

And I also like Oklahoma -3 vs. Missouri as it is about time the Tigers were exposed.

In the pros…..

In light of the death of Sean Taylor I will abstain from making a selection on the Bills-Skins. You should do the same.

As for games I am actually willing to give a selection on….

Miami -1 ½ vs. The Jets: History says this should be week the Dolphins get away from the doughnut. After all back in 1980 the Jets lost to the infamous New Orleans ‘Aint’s” , seems like a good enough reason to me for my selection!

Also I really like Cleveland +1 in the desert against the Cardinals.

And on MNF I will take New England laying three TD’s worth of lumber on the Ravens if for no other reason than Baltimore might have trouble scoring three TD’s the rest of the season, much less in a single contest!

One thought on “If I were a betting man……

  1. 2-0 in college – 0-2 in the pros. 2-2 for the week and it all comes down to MNF. 21 is a lot of points but I think the Pats pick is a solid one none the less.

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