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News & Record Sports Podcast

I’ve been wanting to get some folks together to do a local Sports Podcast ever since we started Greensboro Sports Dot Com. Sure we do interviews and even games; but, I wanted a weekly series. (We’ll probably get around to it, it just takes time.)

In the meantime, Jim Young and Jeff Carlton of the News & Record have been doing a sports podcast. Today, I decided to give it a listen.

It’s not bad. I really loved Herb Everette‘s podcasts from the News & Record, but he got promoted and quit doing them. Jeri Rowe started and the next thing you know, he’s pulling a Dusty Dunn and reading the entire paper to us in the podcastBORING.

I’m a podcast junkie – Dawn and Drew, Adam Curry, Rock and Roll Geek Show, TWIT, Rumor Girls, Accident Hashand so forth – listening to podcasts with hundreds of thousands of listeners and often very high production value.

But what makes a good podcast is content – Jim and Jeff have it in the show I listened. Hopefully, others will give them a listen. AND, if anybody thinks they can do better, let me know. I’ll show you how to podcast.

4 Comments on “News & Record Sports Podcast

  1. I am also a podcast junkie, but I won’t go near the News-Record podcast.

    A poor newspaper, a poor website, they already have two strikes.

    BTW Greensboro Sports needs a message board forum.

  2. Message Board is in development, as are some additional sponsorship opportunities.

    As for the News & Record, I subscribe and enjoy reading most of the paper; but I am a news junkie. Could they do better?? – Yes. Will they do better?? Who knows, with weeklies and websites snipping at their heels – may be they will.

  3. Jim and Jeff and the sports team do a really nice job on the podcast. The problem we mostly had with doing it was that Jim Young works out of Raleigh and it was tough to get everybody into the “studio.” Getting the phone-in piece to work so that everybody could hear everybody (and you could do call-ins) was problematic in that we needed a digital telephone hybrid but the company wasn’t going to shell out the money for that. The company has also eschewed podcasting (I was never sure about the commitment to it) for video now (better able to monetize). The sports podcast was mentioned as one of the tops of its kind by BusinessWeek.

    I’m glad they’re still doing it.

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