News & Record Sports Podcast

I’ve been wanting to get some folks together to do a local Sports Podcast ever since we started Greensboro Sports Dot Com. Sure we do interviews and even games; but, I wanted a weekly series. (We’ll probably get around to it, it just takes time.)

In the meantime, Jim Young and Jeff Carlton of the News & Record have been doing a sports podcast. Today, I decided to give it a listen.

It’s not bad. I really loved Herb Everette‘s podcasts from the News & Record, but he got promoted and quit doing them. Jeri Rowe started and the next thing you know, he’s pulling a Dusty Dunn and reading the entire paper to us in the podcastBORING.

I’m a podcast junkie – Dawn and Drew, Adam Curry, Rock and Roll Geek Show, TWIT, Rumor Girls, Accident Hashand so forth – listening to podcasts with hundreds of thousands of listeners and often very high production value.

But what makes a good podcast is content – Jim and Jeff have it in the show I listened. Hopefully, others will give them a listen. AND, if anybody thinks they can do better, let me know. I’ll show you how to podcast.