Hulk Hogan in hot water and beer

Hulk Hogan(Terry Bollea) responded to his wife Linda’s claims regarding her reasons for wanting a divorce. He said they separated in September, a month after son Nick Bollea’s car crash.

In her petition, Linda has sought legal custody of Nick Bollea until his 18th birthday next July. Hulk replied, asking for “shared parental responsibility.”

Linda requested half of the couple’s shared assets, which include more than $9.5 million real estate holdings and unspecified alimony and child support. She also wanted her legal costs covered.

Hulk’s response noted “numerous liabilities, contingent liabilities, obligations and debts which must be resolved as part of any equitable distribution that may be accomplished by the court.”

Depositions given by the parents of John Graziano(young man injured in the car crash and still in comatose condition) were also released this week. His mother Debora said Nick said he skidded into a tree when he couldn’t avoid a puddle of water in the street, leading to hydroplaning.

Deborah said Hulk told her he was very upset that Nick took the car out with his friends, but he was in the shower at the time they left the house.

Both Graziano parents say they plan to file separate suits against the Bollea family.

Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch’s ANALYSIS: One lawyer on a talk radio station said according to Flordia law, getting divorced would not protect the Hogan family assets in the case of a civil suit, and that the alcohol in Nick’s system at the time of the crash, apparently supplied by his father(Hulk Hogan), is what will make this case potentially financially crippling for the Hogan family.

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