You gotta LOVE this…..

Keith Love who was the starting quarterback at Smith High School this season is now in the starting lineup for the Southern Guilford basketball team. Love had eight points for the Storm in a loss last night to Western Guilford.

Love transferred to Smith from Eastern Guilford where he would have been the starting QB for the Wildcats. Love ends up being the starting QB for the (0-11) Smith Golden Eagles and now he has hit the road again landing at Southern.

Love has found a new home at Southern Guilford and we continue on with a “Love Story”, that could only happen in Guilford County. My sources had told me a few weeks back that Love was leaving Smith and was headed to Southern, but I would have to see it to believe it, and now I believe it.

From what I have been told, Love is only a junior, and that means Willie Nelson’s tune, “On the Road Again”, could be playing here again next season. Does Love play baseball? The music might start up again in the spring if something isn’t done to slow down the transfer traffic.

A true “Love Story”, that could only happen in Guilford County. I’ve got nothing against Love or the Love family, I just find this to be very interesting.

7 thoughts on “You gotta LOVE this…..

  1. With all the recruiting stories that have been appearing on this site, this is interested. With what is going on at West Charlotte, Southern better check and double check everything.

  2. I heard that Northern Guilford had been trying to get this kid and some others for basketball and baseball. Looks like Southern got to him first.

  3. Leave Northern Guilford out of this, they have nothing to do with this kid. Maybe somebody should be investigting Southern for recruiting.

  4. Where is Southern? I’d like to go watch this guy play. He sounds like he is good if everybody is after him. Is he a college prospect? Sounds like Northern is MAD.

  5. There must be Trouble in River City. That’s what my grandmother used say about stuff such as this. She also said if there is smoke then there is fire. I smell some smoke out around some of these schools.

  6. If he’s a junior, Northern wouldn’t be after him. They only have Freshmen and Sophomores.

  7. Sportsmom is right, why would Northern even be interested in Love? He couldn’t play for NGHS unless he had been held back a year and was going to make up his sophomore season. A junior is junior and only freshman and sophomores can play at Northern.

    Stan Kowaleski is much too smart to get caught up in something like this. You have to believe that Northern AD Darrell Force is checking on every student that enters his progam after what has happened in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system.

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