CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest

Ready for another round of FREE pizza from CiCi’s? It’s time to take to the field and give it the old one-two in the NFL picks contest.

Rob’s picks for this week:

Miami vs. Buffalo (BUF) – Miami is destined to go 0-16. Bills by 10.

St. Louis vs Cincinnati (CIN) – Can’t see the Rams winning this, regardless of the Bengal’s poor fortunes this year. Cincinnati by three.

Dallas vs Detroit (DAL) – Dallas should keep rolling towards home field advantage. Cowboys by 14.

Oakland vs Green Bay (GB) – The Packers should win, allowing them to keep pace in Dallas’ rear view mirror. Green Bay by 10.

Tampa Bay vs Houston (TB) – Tampa Bay has the advantage in battle of two squads with missing or hobbling QB’s. Bucs by seven.

Carolina vs Jacksonville (JAX) – At least the Panthers won last week. Jags by 10.

Giants vs Philadelphia (PHI) – New York is coming off a huge come from behind win over the Bears last week and McNabb makes his return to the Eagles. McNabb’s return will be the difference. Eagles by a FG.

San Diego vs Tennessee (SD) – San Diego’s defense should expose Vince Young’s progress of the last three weeks. Chargers by a TD.

Minnesota vs San Francisco (MIN) – Not even worth ananalysis. Vikings by 20.

Arizona vs Seattle (SEA) – Home field gives the Seahawks the nod. No playoffs for Arizona this year. Seattle by 10.

Pittsburgh vs New England (NE) – We like the match-up if the Steelers actually show up to play, but we’re picking the Pats until they lose. New England by 14.

Kansas City vs Denver (DEN) – Kansas City has had its chances this year, but hasn’t closed the sale on any of them. Denver by 13.

Cleveland vs NY Jets (CLE) – Look for the Browns to rebound this week after a big loss in the desert. Cleveland by a TD.

Indianapolis vs Baltimore (IND) – Who will Baltimore get for a QB next year? Indy by 14. Total Points? 37.

Big Jim Modlin of Fitness Today on Randleman Road’s selections:
Tennessee-San Diego
Oakland-Green Bay
Houston-Tampa Bay
St. Louis-Cincinnati
Philadelphia-N.Y. Giants
San Francisco-Minnesota
Cleveland-N.Y. Jets
Kansas City-Denver
Pittsburgh-New England
*****Be sure to give us the total points on the SundayNighter, Indianapolis at Baltimore.*****

6 thoughts on “CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest

  1. dallas buffalo san diego tamp bay cincinnati philadelphia jacksonville seattle minnesota cleveland denver new england indy 42 points

  2. buffalo cincy dallas gbay tbay jax nyg tennesee minnesota seattle new england kc cleveland indy 38 points

  3. Dallas
    San Diego
    Green Bay
    Tampa Bay
    New York Giants
    NY Jets
    New England
    Indianapolis 56 pts.

  4. Dallas
    San Diego
    Green Bay
    Tampa Bay
    N.Y. Giants
    New England
    Indianapolis 39 pts

  5. Dallas, Buffalo, San Diego, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Philly, Jacksonville, Seattle, Minnesota, NY Jets, Denver, Pittsburgh, Indy. 48pts.

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