CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest

Ready for another round of FREE pizza from CiCi’s? It’s time to take to the field and give it the old one-two in the NFL picks contest.

Rob’s picks for this week:

Miami vs. Buffalo (BUF) – Miami is destined to go 0-16. Bills by 10.

St. Louis vs Cincinnati (CIN) – Can’t see the Rams winning this, regardless of the Bengal’s poor fortunes this year. Cincinnati by three.

Dallas vs Detroit (DAL) – Dallas should keep rolling towards home field advantage. Cowboys by 14.

Oakland vs Green Bay (GB) – The Packers should win, allowing them to keep pace in Dallas’ rear view mirror. Green Bay by 10.

Tampa Bay vs Houston (TB) – Tampa Bay has the advantage in battle of two squads with missing or hobbling QB’s. Bucs by seven.

Carolina vs Jacksonville (JAX) – At least the Panthers won last week. Jags by 10.

Giants vs Philadelphia (PHI) – New York is coming off a huge come from behind win over the Bears last week and McNabb makes his return to the Eagles. McNabb’s return will be the difference. Eagles by a FG.

San Diego vs Tennessee (SD) – San Diego’s defense should expose Vince Young’s progress of the last three weeks. Chargers by a TD.

Minnesota vs San Francisco (MIN) – Not even worth ananalysis. Vikings by 20.

Arizona vs Seattle (SEA) – Home field gives the Seahawks the nod. No playoffs for Arizona this year. Seattle by 10.

Pittsburgh vs New England (NE) – We like the match-up if the Steelers actually show up to play, but we’re picking the Pats until they lose. New England by 14.

Kansas City vs Denver (DEN) – Kansas City has had its chances this year, but hasn’t closed the sale on any of them. Denver by 13.

Cleveland vs NY Jets (CLE) – Look for the Browns to rebound this week after a big loss in the desert. Cleveland by a TD.

Indianapolis vs Baltimore (IND) – Who will Baltimore get for a QB next year? Indy by 14. Total Points? 37.

Big Jim Modlin of Fitness Today on Randleman Road’s selections:
Tennessee-San Diego
Oakland-Green Bay
Houston-Tampa Bay
St. Louis-Cincinnati
Philadelphia-N.Y. Giants
San Francisco-Minnesota
Cleveland-N.Y. Jets
Kansas City-Denver
Pittsburgh-New England
*****Be sure to give us the total points on the SundayNighter, Indianapolis at Baltimore.*****