Hanging Out at Purnell’s Sandwich Shop

If it’s one thing you can count on, it’s Andy dropping by Purnell’s Sandwich Shop at 2412A South Elm-Eugene Street (beside the City Services Facility) for two hot dogs and fries on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday, Dennis and Don were Andy’s guests.

Purnell’s has a small counter-bar for those who want to eat-in. While we were there. there was a steady stream of folks dropping by for take-out. I’ve had the hot dogs and they are good. This time around, I had the catfish, which just as good. It’s as close to eating at home as you can get as the ladies are attentive to the way you like your food cooked and seasoned.


2 thoughts on “Hanging Out at Purnell’s Sandwich Shop

  1. Dennis and Don were Andy’s guests?? Does that mean Andy picked up the check???

    Wow. Miracles Do Happen!

  2. It was like a re-make of the Miracle on 42nd Street with Miracle Whip, but this time it was on South Elm-Eugene Street.

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