TV Station Ownerships Are A Changing

It was announced that WGHP is being spun off from FOX to OAK HILL Limited Partners. They are a new investment group that is purchasing several television stations from the New York Times and managing several Tribune stations. I doubt that we we see any changes at FOX-8 as they are a strong station – having survived several ownership changes in their 45 years of broadcasting.

My old station, WCWG, is tossing in the towel as well. Harry J. Pappas bought the station in 1996. He was the largest privately held broadcast owner in the country. Around 2002, he looked to establish a new generation of management to allow him to enjoy the empire he had built. Unfortunately, his chose poorly and as a result, it appears as if he has to liquidate the company.

It’s sad as Mr. Pappas was one of those old school broadcasters who believed that television was licensed to serve the public. To see his company destroyed by individuals who were more concerned about their personal image than the reputation of the company and its charge to serve the public is painful for me as I worked there nearly eight years. I had attempted to save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to find myself without a job because of my efforts.

Life goes on. FOX 8 will continue to be an outstanding local television station and WCWG will continue to be that radio station behind Harpers’ Topless Carwash.