Fitness Today Story

I get a little queasy writing about friends misfortunes and problems; but a lot of folks have been asking about FITNESS TODAY. The News & Record has the story and here’s where you can find and read it.

I think that Jim Modlin, who often writes her, said it best, “I equate our closing to a mom-and-pop appliance store that got swallowed up by hhgregg or a Circuit City.”

There are several new mega-gyms opening up in the area, they spending thousands on advertising. All making people feel that they are the best. People need to remember that the weight came on slow, you will have to work long and steady to get it off. It takes more than changing gyms to lose weight – you MUST change other parts of your life. Changing gyms without changing other parts of your life only is not going to have a lasting effect.

Think about it. Fitness Today had been in business for nearly 20 years, not many work-out facilities can make that claim, when these new facilities become less of the latest fad.