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Can you believe this?

*UNC-Asheville tops South Carolina 61-58 in men’s NCAA basketball. The Bulldogs(11-3) scored the final 10 points of the game to lock up the win. KJ Garland from Greensboro Day School had 15 for Asheville and he was 3-7 from three-point range. UNC-Asheville visits the North Carolina Tar Heels later this week.(Wednesday 7pm-ESPNU)

*The #1 North Carolina Tar Heels battled back and beat the Clemson Tigers in OT on the road last night down in South Carolina. Wayne Ellington had 36 big points for the Heels and they moved to (15-0) on the season. The Heels down 81-74 with 2:37 to go in regulation fought back to win it 90-88. Ellington had his career-high 36 and Ty Lawson added 16. Tyler Hansbrough was to held to just 12 point but he grabbed 14 huge rebounds. On the radio broadcast former Heel Eric Montross said UNC’s achilles heel right now is lack of depth after the Bobby Frasor injury, the loss of Quentin Thomas(sprained ankle) and the missing Alex Stepheson.

*N.C. State trailed Presbyterian 20-17 at halftime Satruday before rallying to claim a 50-43 victory in Raleigh. If State loses that game to Presbyterian(1-18) it would have been the worst loss in school history.

*Northern Guilford, the new high school in Guilford County, with only freshmen and sophomores, fell behind 11-0 early in Friday night’s game at Northeast Guilford but they recovered to go on and defeat the Rams 50-47. The NG Nighthawks are a team to watch and the college scouts are already looking on watching their young talents like 10th-grader Jonathan Frye and classmate Jacob Lawson, a 6’7 freshman.

*QB David Garrard, of the Jacksonville Jaguars, scrambled 32 yards on a fourth-and-2 play and he set up what proved to be the game-winning field goal for the visiting Jags as they knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-29 in Saturday’s AFC Wild Card playoff game. Garrard, from East Carolina, is a BIG, BIG man, and he was able to out-run or run by the Steelers’ defense to get that first down.

*UNCG is going to retire senior Kyle Hines #42 jersey before the Spartans February 28 home basketball game with Chattanooga. Hines could become just the sixth player in college hoops history with 2,000 points, 1000 rebounds, and 300 blocked-shots.(The other five are Pervis Ellison, David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning, Tim Duncan, and Derrick Coleman)

*Just had to include this add-on because it really fits in with the headline title:

A judge has relaxed bail restrictions on Dr. Phil Astin, Chris Benoit’s personal physician, and will now allow him to be exempt from home confinement on weekdays so he can work at a local towing company.

Astin has been confined to home arrest since being charged with over-prescribing patients. Benoit is not one of the patients he is accused of improperly prescribing.

6 Comments on “Can you believe this?

  1. Clemson fans you better know we got your number and now we’re coming after the rest of the ACC. Tar Heels led by All American Wayne Ellington are #1 in 2008.

  2. UNC’s front line looks like it needs some help. Psycho T looked very average against Clemson’s big guys. Booker was taking it to him. Memphis looks like the best team at this point.

  3. Don’t forget the Duke Blue Devils. The ACC basketball title goes through Durham every year my friend. Gerald Henderson/Tyler Hansbrough

    Duke Blue Devils #1
    Ralph Johnson

  4. I believe it and I know that North Carolina is Number One. I dare anybody to get up in my face and try to tell me anything different and I will knock you out. The Tar Heels have never gotten any respect because all the ABC fans are jealous because their teams aren’t doing nothing. UNC will go to at least 22-0 before they will lose a game and that’s jsut the way it is.

    The Heels are loaded and they are tough. Any time you can go into a place like Clemson with all those rednecks and dropouts laying around and hacking off at the opposing team then are lucky to get home alive. Clemson has never played real basketball like the Heels. Clemson is living off of that National Championship they got in football back when Danny Ford was cheating his way to the title.

    North Carolina is your conference regular season, ACC Tournament, and Final Four favorites. The Heels do things the right way and other schools are talking about playing basketball. Like I said, the other schools in the ACC are all talk. Every school would die to have Roy Williams as their coach.

    Thank you,
    Dan the Man

  5. Are you people crazy? I would always take Coach K and Duke over North Carolina. Roy Williams has never won a championship with his own players. Williams never won a title at Kansas.

    Williams won a title at UNC with Matt Doherty’s players. Williams gets all the recruits but they crash when the pressure is on. Remember the Georgetown game last year. The only big win for Roy came when he used Matt’s players and beating Clemson last night is not a good indicator of what kind of team UNC really is. Clemson plays hard but they don’t finish.

    Coach K is the best coach in the ACC. Look at all the boys he has had go pro lately and Duke is still averaging 24.5 wins per season since 2004.

    Duke is King and that’s all you need to know. UNC’s win streak will end at 19.

  6. Posts from Dan “the library” Man only cheapen the content of this site. Kinda sad. Most degreed Heels fans that I have spoken with have given credit to a fine effort by the Clemson Tigers. Given the talent level, fan support and high priced coaching the Heels have to offer, one has to wonder how a Clemson team without a single McD AA was even able to hang in that game, but I guess that’s the difference between a UNC eduated individual and some homer who couldn’t even get into a community college near Chapel Hill, let alone UNC.

    Great game, great effort by both teams and great to see that if a Clemson team full of “rednecks and dropouts” can compete with the Heels, it makes you wonder what the rest of the season has in store for them. I guess if Tar Heel fans have to resort to Charlie Pell’s football infractions to feel self worth, then something is again right with this world. Given his lack of content about the game on Sunday night, Dan the library Man, is probably living in a thirty year old, termite infested, singlewide trailer and he and did not have access to to Fox Sports, let alone the Fox HD feed (which I would highly recommend for the real sports fan). He probably needs to focus on bettering himself, but as we all know, miserable poeple are rarely changed for the better.

    Last year the Heel’s won by 20, this year they won in OT by two. UNC fans are probably seeing a couple of problems with this year’s squad compared to last. First, the loss of Brandan Wright and even more importantly, Rashawn Terry has been a huge issue. Second, the loss of Bobby Frasor is big given the pathetic play of of Quentin Thomas (is he actually on scholarship?) and the fact William Graves looked horrible on Sunday night. William may have been good at Dudley, but against mediocre competetition (according to Dan), Grave’s folded like a stack of cards. While Alex Stephenson’s absence hurt, his performance this season has been less than stellar, even for a reserve. The difference is not only in the UNC squad’s losses, but also in a Tiger team where last season, Sam Perry was the 5th or 6th best player, this year he is the 10th off the bench.

    We’ll see what the rest of the season holds. Maybe the Tiger’s completely fold and end up going to the NIT again. Maybe the Heel’s win the National Championship. Looks like we might actually get to see some worthhile basketball before it all over (unless you’re in a trailer without cable).

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