Jeff Hardy shining star on WWE’s Monday Night Raw

Jeff Hardy worked in what can easily noted as the early candidate for Match-of-the Year on Monday Night Raw. Hardy out of Cameron, N.C. and Union Pines High School defeated Umaga but the match was not about Umaga. It was all about Hardy and his finishing signature move the “Swanton Bomb” where he did a back somersault(also known in some circles as a “Whisper in the Wind”) off the top of the cage 15 feet above the ring.

If this does not become the Match-of-the-Year(because of Hardy), then Jeff will have to get the Move-of-the-Year, if they have such an award. Mick Foley(he’s fell to the floor a few times from 15-20 feet) was at the show and I’m sure he would tell you there haven’t been many moves like Hardy’s and Jeff hit the spot perfectly when he landed on Umaga.

Let’s hear it for the Kid from Cameron and Union Pines HS, Jeff Hardy, who was wrestling at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club on Neal Street here in Greensboro just two years ago and jumping out of the wrestling ring in the outfield at War Memorial Stadium on Yanceyville Street 10 years ago and working the Thanksgiving card at the Thomasville Armory 12 years ago.

Good job Jeff.

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  1. I love jeff hardy so much. i have been a fan for four years and i will always remain a jeff hard-y fan. i never miss any of his matches on friday night smackdown. jeff hardy u rock!!!!!

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