Topic of the Week:7’7 Kenny George of UNC-Asheville

North Carolina defeated UNC-Asheville 93-81 last night but the topic of the week has been the Bulldogs 7’8/7’7 center Kenny George.

I did some thorough research on Kenny George earlier in the week after his UNC-A Bulldogs beat South Carolina last Saturday. In the course of a couple of days I have become an expert on Big Kenny George. My work paid off and we have had between 500-600 inquiries at our stats department this week where people are typing in and googling Kenny George and his height at 7’7 and his shoe size at 27 depending on who you talk to.

The research I did on George hepled me find that he is listed at 7’8 on many web sites but he is noted to be 7’7 on the UNC-A basketball roster and that is what we will go with. As for the shoe size, I found and old high school picture of George from back in Chicago and with the picture there was a story about his shoe size then being listed at 25. We did more study and I was able to get a college shoe size listing at 27, but by the time we got to last night’s game with North Carolina and the post-game show with the Heel’s Ty Lawson talking to Woody Durham, the shoe size had grown to size 28 while Lawson was talking about Big Kenny, our Big Topic of the the Week.

I have the ability to track the stats and even though a person may not show up in the comment box, I can analyze everyone that is coming to the site each day and Kenny George has been by far the Big Topic of the Week. We have had 500-600 inquiries/hits about Big Kenny already and I’m sure there will be more. If you have an idea for a topic let me know at or get in touch with Don or Doug.

4 thoughts on “Topic of the Week:7’7 Kenny George of UNC-Asheville

  1. Andy, dude, can your research and statistics-gathering software and equipment tell what gestures I make when there’s a story about the Tar Heels too? 😉

  2. Mike my stats were telling me you were a UNCG Spartan fan. I will try and get more Tar Heel talk up here for you. Surrrrrrrre. Do you want the Spartans or the Heels? You can have both at this site.

    Good to hear from, AD.

  3. Dang that is more accurate than Greg Fishel’s Dual Doppler 5000 SuperColor Extra-Special WRAL NC Radariffic WeatherFest Extravaganza, Andy!
    Almost into Randy Jackson accuracy territory there! 😉

    More Spartans, man, always more Spartans. Tar Heel talk I can get from errywhere. And it makes me sniffle when I do…. 🙁

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