Best Game In Town

The Triad Is Under a Winter Weather Advisory – YOU THINK! It’s been Winter since December 21st. It’s even been cold recently.

Now with some moisture over Texas heading our way, the local television stations are simply peeing in their pants over the opportunity for some winter weather. Wall-To-Wall reporting of any sort and type of precipitation. Stories about the homeless. Stories about the traffic. Stories about school and business closings. In-depth personality interviews of Salt Truck Drivers.

Winter Weather is the Piedmont’s version of Britney Spears or OJ Simpson. We are a TRAIN WRECK and we’ll watch anything about Winter Weather. I’m waiting for the first station to have “My First Snow Storm”, the feel good show that features your favorite TV personalities remembering their first snow storm or in the case of a few – anticipation of their first snow storm.

Let me save you some time – The SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED THURSDAY, despite the weather (The Chicken Little Effect) and Greensboro Sports will be open as usual. While we’d like to sit and watch our name on appear on the closings crawl all day long; but we’ve got things to do.

All this Winter Weather Hype makes this one of the best games in town, at least this Thursday.


  1. Dude, thanks for reminding me I must go get more bread and milk!

    I loved the stories a couple years back of some people on the internet who figured out that a station was broadcasting snow closings and delays straight off emailed reports or some other source, with no actual person checking them in. You coulda put your name up that day, Don, AND been at work to see it! 😉

  2. I made it to work. I know WFMY and WGHP told me to stay at home, that it was VERY dangerous to go outside. Of course, they were outside when they told me not to go out.

    Per usual, the weather conditions were nowhere close to being as bad as they predicted, or as bad as they were reposting on the live coverage.

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