Hey Big Show, what are you doing coming back to the WWE? You BIG WASTE of time…

The Big Show(Paul Wight) is coming back to the WWE. He has been away since last year(exact date Dec. 6, 2006) but to tell you the truth, nobody has missed him. The Big Show is making his return, Big Deal. He’s a BIG WASTE of time. You trash the company and talk about how you want your freedom and then when you’re broke you come running or walking very fast, right back to Vince McMahon.

The WWE would be better served to let The Big Show go on and stay gone. Invest the extra money you would be paying him in Jeff Hardy. Put your money in the talent that can help your company grow and pick up younger viewers. Look at the Great Khali, Umaga, and the Undertaker. All big and slow and they aren’t going to pull in new viewers. Big and slow, just like The Big Show.

Big deal, he’s a Big Joke. The guy says he needs to get away and find himself. He found himslef, flat broke and out of work and now an unknown to most new professional wrestling fans. Give the money to Jeff Hardy or CM Punk or another young talent and tell The Big Show to head to Shoney’s out off of Highway 68 near the Airport and order a Shoney’s Big Boy, another forgotten treasure that is way past it’s prime, just like The Big Show.

Full details from www.pwtorch.com:
PWTorch has confirmed that Big Show has signed a contract with WWE. “Signed, sealed, delivered,” said a source close to Show last night. All paperwork has been completed in recent days and he is officially back on WWE’s roster, expected to return within a few weeks to television. Show had explored a boxing career(insert laughter here) since leaving WWE and, in the process, lost considerable weight.(He’s on his way back to Shoney’s as we write this.)

Sid Vicious is another guy who should pursue a new career in comedy. He’s a real joke and you just might agree with me after you read what he told an interviewer last week. See if this doesn’t make you laugh or cry depending on whatever your’e feeling when you read this. Dr. Richardson Pryor once said we are all bipolar as we try to find out, Which Way is Up. Here’s the Great Sid Eudy talking to you:
“In the last ten or fifteen years in this business, not many people have been as successful as I have. I’ve had successful runs everywhere I’ve went. Almost as long as I’ve been in the business I’ve been successful … Anytime where I’ve been put in the position where I could be successful, I have. And I’ve been more successful than Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Rock, and all those guys. Those guys right there I just mentioned only had one great run. They didn’t have a bunch of good runs, they only had one. And that’s the difference between me and a lot of different people.” Thanks for laying that great piece of wisdom on us Mr. Sid.

8 thoughts on “Hey Big Show, what are you doing coming back to the WWE? You BIG WASTE of time…

  1. Maybe Big Slow can do some of those chef boyardee commercials like he did years ago. He may have been terminated by ConAgra for eating too many cans of raviola.

  2. What’s the date for Wrestlemania? Ray Charles and Helen Keller called and said they want in for “The Big Match”.

  3. I wish we could get the Ring of Honor wrestling around here. I hear that many of the current WWE and TNA guys were once in the ROH.

  4. Show is hardly broke. He’s also dropped a ton of weight, as he spent the last year or so training to enter boxing.

    Ring of Honor:Undeniable is on Time Warner pay-per-view channel 200 all weekend. I recommend it, they’re the best value in pro wrestling

  5. Give him 6 months or less and he won’t be able to move. I’m sure he still he had his credit cards and that means cash to some BIG eaters.

  6. i glad the big show is coming back hes more athletic then people give him credic for anyway hes more fun to watch the the great khali god khalis more slow then big show so they should get rid of great khlali and keep the big show.

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