How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

I just popped on to GoHeels.Com website to check some Carolina news and I was greeted with this POP-UP that wants me to pay $9.95 to get ALL DAY COVERAGE of National Football Signing Day on February 6th, Live from the Kenan Football Center.

Has Major College Sports come to point where they want a few BUCKS for everything? What else can they sell?

I went to Carolina, my sisters went to Elon. Carolina always calls me asking for money. Elon calls my sisters to see if they want to participate in activities at the school – Things that they have fun, when they attend.

It’s why I support the smaller schools and amateur athletes – they appreciate the support.

One thought on “How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

  1. I don’t know about you, but my funds are unlimited.
    I can pay for the season tickets, the paraphernalia, the magazines, the DVD’s, the memorabilia, the concesssions,
    I go down to any game wherever I want, and follow the team to away games too!
    I’m a fan, and I”m willing to pay any amount of money to belong!

    Actually if I were to go to any games, it would be to a local college game, whatever sport. And not the Big Four tickets that cost as much as a professional game, a local small college that runs like $10 or less. All them boys (pro and college) are going to have to get their money from corporate sponsors as far as I’m concerned.

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