Bobby Lashley says he will not return to the WWE

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Bobby Lashley says he won’t be back.

I am sorry to everyone here but I am serious when I say I won’t be back. Everyone wants to come here and hear the real story and I am telling you the real story. Circumstances which are out of my control left me no decision but to leave the WWE. I can’t go into details of this now but like I said before sometimes people will hate you personally and try to destroy you which has happened here. Evil has prevailed however like I said before if you continue your struggle doors will open around these people. You have not scene(Bobby was on the unabridged version of “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER”, have you seen it?) the last of me so please don’t stop your support. Add Bobby Lashley to the list of RECENTLY RELEASED!


Is this a trick to set up another WWE pay-per-view with one due up this Sunday? Will Bobby Lashley been scene(seen) again soon in the WWE? Bobby Lashley is a muscled up freak and I don’t see any real fan interest or appeal for him. I will not miss Lashley. Remember the words of the great Bobby L.:“Evil has prevailed”. Thanks for the warning Bobby…….

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We’ve been covering the story here all day that Bobby Lashley is leaving World Wrestling Entertainment. New details have come out regarding why Lashley is leaving:

— There are a lot of reasons why he wants to leave. One of the reasons has to do with how his girlfriend Kristal Marshall was treated by WWE after refusing to do an angle that made her feel uncomfortable. She was fired from the company after refusing a storyline that’s been described as “racial”.

— Another reason is that Lashley feels disrespected by WWE during his time off. There has been very little communication between Lashley and Vince McMahon. Despite the fact that Lashley is fully healed from his injury, there were no firm plans in place to get him back on TV. He naturally found this very frustrating.

— At this point, Lashley needs to negotiate an official release from WWE as he is still under contract. He is still listed on the official WWE website and is awaiting his release so he can move on.(other reports are circulating that Lashley has been training hard for the past several months and wants to enter the Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) competition but not in the UFC.)

32 thoughts on “Bobby Lashley says he will not return to the WWE

  1. I think That he need to Return To the WWE. I was, and still am a Fan Of Bobby Lashely. I think that he could be the best ever. He has what it takes to go all the way to the top. I understand that he left on person feelings, but he must not let that get in his way. A lot of people dream of making it to the WWE, and they do not. I still show him support. But still he need to return to the WWE.

  2. I am a fan of bobby lashley and always will be, it is sad to see him leave as I was hoping he might of returned for the royal rumble, but alas cena did it instead. Anyway as much I will miss his prescence in the WWE, you have to do what you think is right for you.

  3. Bobby Lashley was the reason why i started to watch the wwe, at first i used to hate the WWE but after seeing Lashley’s performance i have became very addicted to the WWE but now since Bobby isn’t returning i have no purpose to watch the wwe, if Bobby Lashley does return then praise GOD!!!

  4. when i started to watch wwe lashley was always my favorite. he is the greatest power house the wwe has ever seen and raw will DEFINATELY not be the same. i understand the circumstances behind his quiting but it is ashame to see all the loyal fans of bobby get disappointed because of this unfortunate event. i wish the best for bobby lashley and only hope that a miracle could happen and he could come back. IN MY OPINION LASHLEY IS THE REAL ECW CHAMP

  5. I thank You Viance McMahon , need To talk to bobby lashely and come to agreement to Bring him back. One thing i am aks you Vaice Mc Mahon. Bring Back Bobby lashely. i am sparking for the women round the World .
    Bring him back real soon . Just Talk it out . You and him , And The Bourd of wwe

    Thank You
    Alesha Burton
    From Starkville ,Mississippi

  6. i was disappiont when i heard bobby will not be back i hope one day he will what ever going on put in gods hand

  7. PLEASE return bobby lashley Iam your biggest fan I would always come to raw and encourge you so please return yours biggest fan

  8. am a dibectic and i miss you am one of your biggest fan also
    i loved whgen you showed peoples you werent scared of em
    expectly 51 yrs of age i have been watching
    wrestling from a little and the undertaker is my best
    two wrestlers.and jon cena comes last .make some appreances so the fans can
    see you .love your number one
    fan mslady57

  9. Fraklin Lashley Your Not
    Coming Back
    Why Lash Your Goals
    Havent Been Reached Yet
    WWE Championship You Can Do It Return Lashley Return You Are My Favorite

  10. Yo, first of all, Bobby should return, he’s one of the greatest wrestlers alive.
    He’s like a 3rd generation superstar, but it makes him a 2 generation superstar if he quits, by all means, Bobby, please come back.

  11. bobby you are the only reason ,why we started watching friends asks me about your return and i wiil not be able to tell them that bobby is not coming back to wwe, so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese come back in wwe. we want to see you as wwe champion .we just waiting for you.

  12. The WWE needs you back its just not the same without The Dominate One the fans need you back in the ring. We want to see somebody catch the spear

  13. My bro and i want lashley to come back b-cause he was a great wrestler and could b one of the best wrestlers in WWE.

  14. Bobby you need to come back look at what you are leaving from you had a passion for wrestling don’t leave it . youre making a big mistake man. you should come on january 12 as a new years suprise. everyone will be happy to see you. you can be champion again. you completely dissapointed a lot of people and fans. just remember what i said. injuries can’t stop you but quiting can

  15. bobby lashley s awesome and is one of the best wrestlers there is and i think he is going to return just wait cause i know he will rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  16. bobby lashley please come back,it was better at wwe when you was there, but if you dont come back you are still my favorite superstar and you will always be rember

  17. Ok well first of all your one of my favorites. And the wwe is not the same without you. Even though your
    Having problems doesn’t mean you can’t settle
    Them they will all get better. And don’t you miss the rush of the people screaming your name and being
    In the best business in the world? Being in vodeo games? Being kids idols? Winning championships?
    And you are such a beast in the ring, have you looked in a mirror? Total stud. We all miss you and want
    You back in wwe!!!

  18. come back to wwe you rock and we are sad that you left!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. you are the best wwe superstare and batista

  19. I want u to come back raw. U dont know what u are missing! Dont listen to all of those people who despite u, why do u fight for Mexican Wrestiling. I really miss You Bobby Lashley

  20. It’s bad to know what pushed you to the disition to leave your fans. But we hope to see you again soon in the RING.

    I will request all of the BOBBY LASHLEY fans to request in wwe official community to bring the WORRIER back in the ring…


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