More memories of Bob Doss…..

I want to thank all of the people that have left comments regarding the passing of Bob Doss. You can continue to do so at any of the articles about Bob here on the web site.

I just had a couple of other memories of Bob that felt might fit in here on the Home page. The memories that came to me after the dust began to settle yesterday with the news of Bob’s death were just how professionally he ran things.

The example that I leave here today is when Bob brought the Palomino World Series to town and he would have the host hotel set up and everything was done first class. For several years the host hotel was the old Rodeway Inn out of Guilford College Road. Bob would always have a welcome bag for the players and there would be a big breakfast banquet usually on Friday morning and Bob would have a special guest speaker, someone like Bobby Richardson or another former major leaguer or a college coach. One year Bob brought Paul Blair in to speak to the players and coaches.

Bob later moved the host hotel downtown to the Downtown Hilton on West Market Street. Bob would have a great hospitality room set up for the visitors with plenty of food and drink. The players and visiting families could relax and enjoy a swim down by the Hilton Hotel pool. Bob would have it set up where the traveling players lodging was covered and they would also get several free meals. The families of the players would receive free discount coupons that Bob had set up with certain merchants at the Four Season Mall and with other local businesses .

Later the host hotel became the Airport Ramada and it was a little further out but Bob Doss made sure you received free transportation if you needed it.(The vans would be out in full force for the kids and their parents) Visitors from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Georgia, California, Michigan, Virginia, New York, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina, everybody that came to Greensboro got the Red Carpet treatment when Bob Doss was running the Palomino World Series or a Palomino Fourth of July tournament.

My favorite was still the Downtown Hilton. It was fun to sit back and watch the young women, swimming, in that pool. I really liked that pool and made a few stops in it myself over the years.

3 thoughts on “More memories of Bob Doss…..

  1. Bob Doss did a lot for youth baseball in this city. I hope that someone, an individual or business, will set up some sort of baseball scholarship in his honor to be given to a deserving Palomino youth baseball player. When they made Bob Doss, I believe they threw away the mold.

    God bless the memory of Bob Doss and his immediate family.

    Rick Miller

  2. Andy,

    Bob Doss was a man’s man. He did it his way. The way that always stood the test of time. So many young men that got the chance to play the game that last time. These young men will never forget the opportunity to play the game because of Bob. Bob was so kind to my family that I will never be able to repay him! He can never be replaced for his timeless efforts. Baseball can only hope that there is someone waiting to come in the game in the bottom of the ninth to save the game!! I can only hope that we’ll always be a member of Bob’s team!!

    Kevan Moore

    Keep Up The Good Work Andy!

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