John Cena saves the day?

John Cena returned to the WWE for the Royal Rumble on Sunday night and was at Raw last evening. John Cena had been on the shelf four months with an injury that should have required him to be out for at least a year. Vince McMahon brought Cena back early to save the day or the night.

We will now be force fed John Cena and have him shoved down our throats because McMahon thinks his other wrestlers can’t carry the product. McMahon has been scrambling and with the return of Cena there goes Jeff Hardy’s(Cameron, N.C.) push. What’s the use of bringing back Chris Jericho, he will now just get lost in the shuffle. Randy Orton better not grow too fond of that championship belt. JBL is a lard-bellied waste of our time and the Big Show got injured in warmups and couldn’t even make it to the ring. Show turned his ankle because he is such a well-conditioned athlete and he has been over-training(Sure he has!).

With Cena you have no substance. Watching John Cena makes me think of a cartoon character or some sort of over-blown super hero. John looks like a combination of Opie Taylor and Deputy Dawg. The kids love him and that sells merchandise but how much of his jumping around and acting like an idiot can you stand?

Stick with Jeff Hardy and give him an extended push. They could make Hardy like the Sting character from “The Crow” movie and not have him speak. Use more face paint or makeup on him and play his intro music and have him come after Cena and not say a word and this would probably work. The fans react to Jeff Hardy but Vince McMahon will not give Jeff the chance to hold the WWE championship belt. Hardy can carry the mail but Vince keeps going back to his cartoon character that is supposed to save the day.

Will John Cena save the day? McMahon thinks he will but it sure is going to lead to many a boring night if you plan on watching Raw, because with John Cena there is no substance. Cena is nothing more than Opie Taylor in a pair of cut-off jeans carrying out a Deputy Dawg enforcement of the WWE landscape. Maybe the WWE should bring in Andy Griffith to act as John’s attorney.

3 thoughts on “John Cena saves the day?

  1. You are right of course in that McMahon hasn’t realized that fans are burned out on John Cena and were glad when he was gone. He needs to bring Edge back over from Smackdown! and let Hardy, Edge, Orton & Cena battle it out. Oh yeah, and more importantly he needs to cut the cartoon crap like the “backstage” pieces and try to inject some illusion of reality back into the product. Wrestling was best when you never knew for sure whether the guys hated each other or not. It was an illusion in most cases, but that was part of the appeal.

  2. Cena’s seemingly ubiquitous role in the WWE is a glaring example of how that organization’s creativity has been stifled in recent years. A two hour RAW show has become an interminable gabfest sprinkled with occasional doses of in-ring action. It’s high time the WWE emphasized athleticism over the debauchery and buffoonery that currently pervades its broadcasts.

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