Greensboro Hockey Booster Club Meeting Tonight

Winston-Salem has hockey, Charlotte has hockey, Raleigh has hockey. Greensboro has a Hockey Booster Club.

The Greensboro Hockey Booster Club is still active and meets tonight (Wednesday, January 30, 2008) at the Shoney’s Restaurant on Regional Road (I-40 an NC-68). Come at 6 PM to eat or drop by at 7 PM for the Meeting.

At the Booster Club meetings, you can get updates about former Greensboro players, info on local game trips, discounts available from other teams to our members as well as upcoming activities of the Booster Club.

3 thoughts on “Greensboro Hockey Booster Club Meeting Tonight

  1. Nothing that I’ve heard. I couldn’t make the meeting since I was at the Grimsley Football Banquet.

    Sandy Carmany reported from the last coliseum meeting before her term was over that it is still a goal for the coliseum. However, with the loss of football, the coliseum might do better to let someone else put together local sports teams and leave coliseum management out of it.

  2. You got that right. The Revolution deal was a wierd one. Nothing that happened is surprising, the league and the owner were both questionable before they set foot in Greensboro. No one expected to last long.

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