Players with local ties in the Super Bowl hunt

The News and Record(N&R) used to always run the Super Bowl rosters before the big game and I’m sure they will probably do it again this year. It was always interesting to see the players on the the two opposing teams with area connections.

I remember guys like Lee Rouson(RB) out of Greensboro Page High School that played for the N.Y. Giants and there was Andy Headen(LB) out of Eastern Randolph, who also played for the Giants. I can still recall the day when Tim Goad, the big lineman out North Carolina, was with the New England Patriots and the tight end Lin Dawson from N.C. State was a member of the Patriots. Wide receivers Walter Jones or Clarkston Hines from Duke, now they were also with New England.

This year you have Madison Hedgecock out of Ledford HS and UNC with the New York Giants plus there’s (DL) Russell Davis from UNC, (DL) Fred Robbins out of Wake Forest, and (OL) Guy Whimper from East Carolina all with the New Jersey/NY Giants.

The only thing close for New England is (DB) Chad Scott out of Maryland and that’s a stretch but at least it’s someone from the ACC.


  1. The bad thing is, Mr. Scott is on IR and is unavailable.
    I think Ben Watson transfered from Duke so we can’t count him.
    They have a few guys out of Miami and Richard Seymour as well as Troy brown were born in South Carolina.

  2. I wish they would run a wrestling match at halftime and make a three-way dance with Josh Owens vs. Ryan Perdue vs. Bruce Bullington with Diamond Dan Grondy as the special referee.

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