Must Be Official – News & Record get the story a week later…

This is one that I just don’t get…

Today the News & Record is reporting that the Greensboro Revolution is out of business. WGHP reported this back on January 23rd, we mentioned it then.

Having worked in Television News at 3 local stations, I always get a kick of checking off the stories at night on TV that I read in the Greensboro News & Record that morning or a day or two earlier. It’s a game, as I read the paper and try to predict where the story will appear in the TV station’s news line-up that evening.

I guess the News & Record has to let the TV stations “break” news every so often.

UPDATE: Triad Business News – gets their news from The News & Record as well.

(Unfortunately, we rip off stories as well, mostly because some folks expect coverage on Sports that we can not cover. I’m not too proud of that, so I avoid doing that. If I attend, I’ll report. Don Moore)

One thought on “Must Be Official – News & Record get the story a week later…

  1. They had to wait for sources to ‘confirm’ the info, Don. Or maybe a dog ate their steno pad.

    Don’t want to rush to press with just any ol’ cockamamey info, half-truths or innuendo, remember that “Dewey beats Truman!” fiasco?

    Best way to keep egg off your face in the journalism racket is to wait until the eggs hatch and wander off on their own!

    I chuckle.

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