Must Be Official – News & Record get the story a week later…

This is one that I just don’t get…

Today the News & Record is reporting that the Greensboro Revolution is out of business. WGHP reported this back on January 23rd, we mentioned it then.

Having worked in Television News at 3 local stations, I always get a kick of checking off the stories at night on TV that I read in the Greensboro News & Record that morning or a day or two earlier. It’s a game, as I read the paper and try to predict where the story will appear in the TV station’s news line-up that evening.

I guess the News & Record has to let the TV stations “break” news every so often.

UPDATE: Triad Business News – gets their news from The News & Record as well.

(Unfortunately, we rip off stories as well, mostly because some folks expect coverage on Sports that we can not cover. I’m not too proud of that, so I avoid doing that. If I attend, I’ll report. Don Moore)