Greensboro 2008 Marathon Press Conference

The United Healthcare Marathon for Foster Friends of North Carolina is part of the Greensboro Bi-Centennial Events, benefiting Foster Friends of North Carolina and the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.

It’s a 26.2 Mile Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K Race (and walk) and Children’s Race cap off a week of events a festivities. The UnitedHealthcare N.C. MARATHON is a USA Track & Field sanctioned event, which to runners is VERY IMPORTANT.

USATF: The UnitedHealthcare N.C. Marathon is a Boston Marathon Qualifier!

That ‘s the cool part because it means we are going to get runners from all over the country. If you can’t run in one of the races, you can volunteer, several different opportunities exists. All the information you need is at their website.

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  1. Here it is 48 hours after the race, and I still don’t know how I did. I asked several volunteers and runners at the finish line and no one knew where they were posting the times. There was not even a visable clock at the finish line. This is totally unacceptable. I have been going to their web site since Sunday morning, and though it tell you to go to the results tab, there is no information there. I liked the course, and I felt like they did a reasonable job in most areas, but the results issue has left me really disappointed. Race professionals should have known better than to not have a finish line clock and to have times posted asap.

  2. The scoring team admittedly had some trouble missing “whole batches” fo runners and this resulted in award given thto the wrong people. The scoring team assured me that they knew what the problem was, would fix it, and the award wold be sent to me. I never heard a word, even after writing to the marathon and asking them why. Now I see also that my running the Greensboro Marathon does not who up on web sites that compile racing data.

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