Wolfpack in BIG TROUBLE and Wake wins on the road:The ACC Today

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Tyrese Rice had 32 points and six assists to help Boston College snap a six-game losing streak with an 82-65 win over North Carolina State on Thursday night.

Rakim Sanders added 14 points and 12 rebounds for the Eagles (13-10, 4-6 Atlantic Coast Conference). BC shot 57 percent from the floor.

J.J. Hickson paced the Wolfpack (15-9, 4-6) with 20 points and seven rebounds. Gavin Grant had 15 points and Brandon Costner 14.

BC, which led by nine at the half, saw its lead shrink to 47-42 on Costner’s breakaway jam 4:15 into the second half. But the Eagles scored the next eight points to open a 13-point advantage.

Tyrelle Blair, scoreless in the opening 25 minutes, started the spree with a free throw and capped it with consecutive dunks 40 seconds apart. He finished with seven points.

The Wolfpack made one last charge, closing it to six twice, before Rice hit a soft jumper in the lane, Blair added another dunk and Sanders a short jumper to make it 67-57 with 5:04 to play.

NC State never moved closer than seven points the rest of the way.
*****The Wolfpack is starting to play like the Wolfwusses. What’s wrong with this bunch of Wusses? Somebody with some power at N.C. State(hopefully the coach, Sidney Lowe) needs to do something about the way these Wusses are playing. Anyone agree or disagree? I’ll say it again, “The N.C. State team has become the Wolfwusses”. Tell me something, what is going on here? Is there still any hope for the Red and White and can the Wolfpack come back and replace this bunch of Wolfwusses? What about the stinkin’ NCAA tournament for N.C. State? Are those hopes over because the Wolfwusses have taken over?

Coach Freddy Johnson of the GDS told me last night that he thinks point guard John Wall from Word of God may end up at N.C. State and Coach Johnson said he hopes that Wall will make the permanent move to Raleigh. I hope so too, the Wolfwusses need all the help they can get.*****

Jeff Teague scored 18 points and Chas McFarland recorded his first career double-double Thursday night to lead Wake Forest to a 78-70 victory over Florida State.

McFarland, a 7-footer from Lovington, Ill., also had three blocked shots. He disrupted Florida State’s inside game all night as the Seminole front court was limited to only 10 points.

Wake Forest (15-8, 5-5 Atlantic Coast Conference) hit its first eight 3-pointers and built a 41-20 lead on its way to a 42-26 halftime lead.

Florida State (14-11, 3-7) rallied to within 50-47 before two McFarland layups and a free throw led a 14-2 run that put the Demon Deacons up 64-49.

Toney Douglas scored 28 points and Jason Rich added 25 for Florida State, which shot just 30 percent in the first half.

Gary Clark added a career-high 13 points for Wake Forest, which shot 56 percent for the game while completing its season sweep of the Seminoles.
*****Gary Clark did a great job for the Washington Redskins and now he is playing basketball for Wake Forest. I guess he went back to school like Rodney Dangerfield. Who is this Chas McFarland? Is it Chas or Chase? They call him Chase on the radio broadcast. I honestly had never heard of him before this year. Wake is getting excellent production from all of these unknown commodities, Gary Clark, Chas McFarland, Jeff Teague, James Johnson. I had never heard of any of these guys before this season, had any of you readers? Who are these no-names and where did they come from?*****

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  1. Elon knocks off the best team in the conference and you guys say nothing about it. Typical.

    Instead of calling your piece “the ACC Today”, why not just call it “The Big Four” today? Afterall, that’s those are the only teams you guys ever cover in the ACC.

  2. Personal preferences… I had the story linked to on my article. There are multiple writers, each has their favorites. We are always looking for more writers. – Don

  3. Do you not have any brains at all. The ACC is the straw that stirs the drink and we live in the Big Four and with my historic ties to this area the ACC offices have asked me to represent this region.

    Be thankful that we have coverage such as this at this site. At least someone has stepped up and is writing while the rest of you live under a rock. Get up and get to work, the end is in sight, and many of you will have a blank check-out sheet.

    Today’s News and Record is also touching on these same problems though be it a day after we were on the scene. “One forward step leaves two forwards back”, a fine piece by Jim Young of the N&R.

    Your welcome for the great job that is doing.

  4. Yeah, Jim had a pretty good column, but he refrained from the name calling. Guess that’s what sets the N&R apart from the random blogasphere writings. Peace.

    As far as the the ACC being top notch, I have no issues, but to call this the ACC Today, and only report on the Big Four Schools, seems sorta ignorant considering you guys are just getting all your info from the web anyway. In that regard, the Maniac has a pretty good point. As always, I appreciate you guys handling the constructive criticism so maturely. 😉

  5. Elon plays basketball? When did that happen? Guess I should’ve gone to for that one.

  6. I am always trying to light a fire. That’s the only way I know how to approach these matters. It gets people talking and that’s what we are here for.

    I was right about N.C. State, did you see the game Saturday? I feel bad for all the players etc. that showed up for the 1983 celebration. There was no celebration. The Pack is struggling and they aren’t even anywhere near as good as they were last season. Maybe if they got a copy of what I’m saying here they would get mad and start doing something and learn to finish ball games. Losing to Clemson is like losing to Elon.

    As far as our ACC coverage goes, you can take for what you want, but always read my Point of View because that’s going to be the meat of the story. The POV is an analysis and it will be unlike what you get from the home office.

    On the Elon research subject, you can go to yahoo or google for Elon concrete details and continue to take what we give you at I’m giving you people all you need and more. This is the source.

  7. Yeah, this place is great. A few more improvements and it might be as good as and not just some blog from Greensborosports + Wake Forest + Wreslting (does anyone really care?)+NC State+ TarHeels+Dook. Keep improving, you’ll get there eventually.

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