What is it about NASCAR?

Roger Clemens is called to testify before Congress, Adam “Pacman” Jones is forced out of the NFL for a year and Patriots coach Bill Belichick gets hit with a 500,000 dollar fine for Spygate, Kobe Bryant is nearly crucified for helping a sick woman back to her room in the Rocky Mountains, professional wrestlers are now tested on a regular basis for steroids. Even Clemens’ wife is even being called into question with Human Growth Hormone dripping from her buttocks, or at least that’s what we are being told. They say there’s a lot of cheating going on in sports but, “What is it about NASCAR?”

What is it about NASCAR? They cheat every day during the week and twice on Sundays but they don’t get into any real trouble and the authorities tend to look the other way. What happened to the two drivers that were trading paint or paint thinner in the trailer at Daytona last week? They were fined $5,000.00 and got a slap on the back. The other sports get the Red card and NASCAR guys get the Yellow card.

Are the guys in NASCAR immune from punishment? It’s obvious they are cheating and the fans are laughing like the good ole’ boys are just a meaning now harm. Why don’t the NASCAR powers lay down the law and clean up their sport? All the people in the position of authority seem to be just turning their heads and they keep on looking the other way. Will it take a steroid or durg abuse problem for NASCAR to wake up?

I was talking to an old driver today, Junior Miller, out of Winston,(they still call it Winston over near the Bowman Gray Speedway in Winston-Salem), and Junior said it’s just not fair to the men who built this sport phenomenon called NASCAR, for the new bucks to come in and act like they are Burt Reynolds or RJ Reynolds and just abuse all the rules. Junior said back in his day the drivers broke rules but it was so they could survive. “Today the NASCAR gravy train is rolling and nobody is there to step in and make the conditions fair.” “How can a low-budget operation make it out there when all the money hogs are cheating and robbing us blind?”

This topic was also discussed on today’s mid-day programming on 790 the Ball with Jason Whitlock filling in for the vacationing Jim Rome. Jason Whitlock does not like what he is seeing.

“What is it about NASCAR?” Is there no set of RULES by which the men must adhere to and if they are caught cheating why aren’t they receiving adequate punishment and read the riot act like we see in all other sports?