GTCC Baseball profiled by the News & Record

I was shocked to see on the FRONT PAGE today a story about the Guilford Technical Community College Baseball program; but it is there and ON-LINE.

It’s a good story. Community Colleges are gearing up their athletic programs around the state. We interviewed GTCC AD Phil Gaffney back in January about the program, you can see the interview here.

4 thoughts on “GTCC Baseball profiled by the News & Record

  1. I’m glad they did not interview Coach Barrow. His comment “beer league baseball” was not a good choice of words. He has a wonderful talented group of boys who I’m proud of doing so well. I was told his rules were for the players and not his coaching staff. He ran away a few very good ball players who would have went to other venues, had he not acted as a coach who cared about the players. A player who has played for l6 years winning outstanding honors and practicing year round to stay at the top of his game doesn’t play beer baseball. Best of luck for the rest of the season, and congrats to all who can advance from his program.

  2. barrow has no clue on coaching, he tends to favorite local players that do not belong in the the lineup , that is why his record is so bad. All of the top freshman will not be returning if he is , wouldnt be suprised if the program folds after this season.

  3. obvioulsy gtcc observer hasn’t observed very well. his/her comments are laughable.

  4. From what I hear, Coach Barrow hit the recruiting trail hard to REPLACE those “top freshmen” this year. I guess he got tired of their under achievement and belly-aching all last season.

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