Spurs explode in quarter #1…Can you believe this?

Hawks 16
Spurs 5

The San Antonio Spurs scored an unbelievable 5 points, that’s five points, last night in the first quarter of their game with the Atlanta Hawks. The previous low in one quarter for San Antonio was eight points. Atlanta was up 16-5 after one quarter. San Antonio went on to win the game 89-74.

But, Five points in one quarter by a “professional” basketball team?

The San Antonio Spurs are supposed to be the NBA’s defending champions.

When I heard this on the radio this morning, I couldn’t believe it. Five points in one stinking quarter?

2 thoughts on “Spurs explode in quarter #1…Can you believe this?

  1. I think this proves how “good” a team they are. What other team in the league would come back and win the game after that? Not only win, but win by 15!

  2. Good point, but what does this tell us about Atlanta? You have a 16-5 lead after one period and you can’t play three more half- way consistant quarters and beat a team(Spurs) that couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean to start the game.

    San Antonio is good team but Atlanta must be among the worst of the worst.

    But again, five points in a quarter? I’ve seen girls teams that got caught up on the butt whipping end of things do better than that.

    Remember the Alamo? Davey Crockett connected on five hits with his first shot.

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