For all NC Orioles fans with DirecTV

If you’re an Orioles fan in North Carolina, hopefully you’ve already made the switch to DirecTV. Time Warner is fighting tooth-and-nail not to show us one of North Carolina’s home teams despite a ruling by an arbitrator last month that said that Time Warner must add MASN to their systems.

MASN is only picking up 3 spring training games this year, but if you have DirecTV you will be able to see a few more. The normal MLB blackout rules don’t apply in spring training, so all games on regional sports networks are shown. Here are all the Orioles games that will be on TV with their channel number.

Friday, March 7th Red Sox (MASN – 626)
Wednesday, March 12th Mets (SNY – 625)
Sunday, March 16th Nats (MASN – 626)
Thursday, March 20th Mets (SNY – 625)
Sunday, March 23rd Twins (FSN North – 641)
Wednesday, March 26th Cards (FSN Midwest – 647)
Saturday, March 29th (MASN – 626)

The Mets game on March 12th is already listed as an MLB.TV game and I’m sure a few of the others will wind up on there as well. For only $20 for a month it’s well worth it.

One thought on “For all NC Orioles fans with DirecTV

  1. Time warrener continues to be one of if not the worst cable companies.
    Not only do they not want MASN and say it’s because we’re not interested in it’s content, they also offer us low internet speeds compared to the rest of the country.
    Direct is definitely a better option.

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