850 the Buzz runs into a Buzz-saw…..

I saw this article at a number of different stops today and it looks like 850 the Buzz out of Raleigh was catching a buzz and then they ran right into a Buzz-saw…..

“Big mistake on the part of Radio station WRBZ”

The tiff between UNC coach Roy Williams and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski over injury reports was a misunderstanding.

The program director at Raleigh radio station WRBZ-AM said the station incorrectly attributed comments to Krzyzewski that upset Williams and led him to respond.

“I’m sorry the quote was incorrect,” said Adam Gold. “I couldn’t be more sorry that it has gotten to this.”

The station had posted on its Web site a transcript of an interview between Krzyzewski and broadcaster Bob Harris after Duke’s loss at Wake Forest. The station said Krzyzewski said that freshman Nolan Smith was playing through a knee injury, then said: “Unlike other schools, we don’t release our injuries.”

Krzyzewski said he never said “unlike other schools”.

Sports fans throughout Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are calling for the closure of the radio station, WRBZ-AM 850 the Buzz. This has a lot of people upset and there is egg on the face of the crew at the Buzz.