Northern Guilford wins first-ever baseball game…

The Northern Guilford Nighthawks won their first-ever baseball game with 9th and 10th graders only on the field Thursday evening. The Nighthawks nailed it winning 10-2 over the Smith Golden Eagles.

Justin Caudill hit the first-ever home run for the Nighthawks to left centerfield and the route was on for coach Johnny Smith and his first year club.

The game was tied 2-2 in the bottom of the fifth inning and that’s when the Nighthawks went on that tear. The Nighthawks’ starting pitchers struck out 10 Smith batters on the way to earning the win and pitching a seven-inning complete game for NG. Hopefully Justin Smith will send us those pitcher’s names and put it in our comment box.

We hope to have video footage of the Nighthawks first-ever win up on the Web site sometime on Friday. We shot a full load and captured that explosive fifth inning when NG erupted.


In another baseball story the Southeast Guilford JV baseball topped Eastern Randolph this afternoon 9-3.

6 thoughts on “Northern Guilford wins first-ever baseball game…

  1. Northern should win, their baseball coach rcruits like crazy and has stolen many NW players.

  2. Justin Smith is truly full of himself too, what a joke/distraction to the solid athletic program Northern is trying to build. Now that Terry Grier is gone, the Smiths days are numbered.

  3. Nmae one player that Coach Smith has recruited, just one. Every player on that team lives with his family in the Northern school district Sounds like a little jealousy. My son will go there in the future and the Smith’s will be there as long as they want . It is my uderstanding that they basically built and furnished the field with all it’s ice stuff. I am sure Northern will take some lumps this year since it is definitely a building year for the program. Can’t wait for my son to play for Northern.

  4. I want to know one kid they recruited to NOrthern. They coach a summer league league team and they win and everyone bashes them and then they play by rules and everyone accuses of recriting stop bad mouthing people if you dont know the truth. I have a kid at Northern who plays baseball and there is not one kid that moved into the area all kids are legit and have lived there for the last couple of years. they will lose more than they win this year i understand that but you come to a practice and they willlearn to get better. I went to a practice early in the year and man i was impressed they know the game and they know how to teach the game. Who ever is bad mouthing wuit putting a fake name step to the plate quit hiding behind some ones back and talking dirty. BE A MAN!

  5. There is nooo way you can say that northern stole many nw players…First of all, i am the only player on the northern baseball team that even played for NW baseball last year. When i say i played for the NW baseball team last year, pretty much all i mean is that i was on the baseball team, because i only played 6 innings the entire year and did not pitch a single inning. Also i would like to add that i was the only left handed pitcher in their entire baseball program and they did not even think twice before not playing me. And believe me, there is no way i would have stayed at NW this year instead of going to northern. Just because the basketball team did very well at Northern doesnt mean that we recruited. Northern athletics is just a bunch of kids who know they would have to work very hard to succeed and beat the other more skilled, sronger, and more athletic teams. And thats exactly what everybody is doing. If you work harder than the other team, you beat the other team.

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