Doug Brown, reader, headed to Bristol

Doug “Marshall” Brown was the big winner Sunday in the Grand Prix Greensboro race for Bristol, Tennessee. Doug knocked all the competition off of the track in the 104 WTQR challenge to see who would claim the tickets for this coming Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at the Bristol Motor Speedway up in Tennessee.

Doug smoked the competition and he and his wife April will be going to Bristol for not just one, but for two big days of racing this weekend. By winning Sunday at the Grand Prix Greensboro/104 WTQR Race Challenge, Doug got two tickets for the Sunday race in Bristol and by qualifying for the Grand Prix Greensboro Sunday showdown, Doug automatically won tickets from 104 and Grand Prix Greensboro for the Saturday Nationwide Series Race too.

It will be a full weekend for Doug and April Brown in Bristol, Tennesse courtesy of your NASCAR station, 104 WTQR and Grand Prix Greensboro.

We hope to have more news on Doug Brown’s big win at the Grand Prix Greensboro and maybe a link or address to some pictures coming your way soon…..

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