Radio coverage WEAK for ACC tournament

Tuned in yesterday and nothing on WSJS with the exception of the N.C. State game. No coverage on 790 the Ball. PackMan was sick and they had some fill-in guys and they didn’t have a clue to what was going on. QCB with the KOD was still OK but not like usual. You would think that 790 would pick up some of the ISP feeds with Wes Durham, Stan Cotton, Mark Friedinger, etc, That’s what they did a few years ago when Marc Amazon was still around.

No games on Country Legends 98.3 except for Duke. I didn’t hear anything on 920AM out of Burlington. Now 1150AM out of Burlington was carrying the entire tournament using the North Carolina feed with Woody Durham, Eric Montross, and Jones Angel. 850 the Buzz out of Raleigh was carrying part of the event but they were using the North Carolina feed and they usually go with Duke. Majic 94.1 from Lexington is bringing us the entire tourney with the Tar Heel Radio Network in full force.

620 the Bull out of Durham is a Duke station and they are probably just carrying the Duke feed although I heard a promo last week saying that 850/620 would be carrying all the ACC games from Charlotte so they can try and hold on to the Triangle sports radio market with the new 99.9 the Fan now on board in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill. When I didn’t hear the game on 850 Thursday afternoon it may have been during the break between afternoon/evening sessions. We need to give 850/620 the benefit of doubt because they are a strong outlet which brings games and shows into the Triad in the daylight hours.

The biggest change of all may be the radio networks deciding not to try and do all the games
any more. Other than UNC and Learfield Sports it may be XM or bust baby. Not to leave anybody out of the fracas, after Wake Forest was done, NO MORE STATIC-FREE ACC on 101.1 WZTK. Today, I need to try and remember to check out WBRF 98.1 out of Galax, Virginia and see if they are carrying the Wake Forest feed the rest of the way.

Any other stations out there that we might have missed? Anybody got your ears on, ACC Good Buddy?

*****I took a spin in my Toyota and made a run of the radio dial and here’s what I found on this Friday.*****
WBRF 98.1:Bill Rosinski ISP Radio…
WSJS 600AM:Dumped Rush Limbaugh and is carrying the tournament by way of N.C. State/Capitol Sports feed with Gary Hahn and Tony Haynes…
850/620:No ACC basketball, Jim Rome and ESPN feeds…
790 the Ball:High Point University women’s basketball Big South tourney…
Majic 94.1:This is the Tar Heels Network and they are going through with coast to coast coverage in what seems to be the most consistant station in the entire area…..
WBAG 1150AM:Still rolling with the Heels but you never know what Joe Gray and Bill Huff will do next…..
WMFR 1230AM:Max Meeks goes to the Carter Brother’s BBQ re-run…..
WPCM 920AM:”Let’s Go Shopping”, with John and Dee Brockwell at the Burlington Outlet Mall…..

2 thoughts on “Radio coverage WEAK for ACC tournament

  1. I’ve been listening on xm and 94.1
    I remember when every network in the ACC carried each game.
    I didn’t know Amazon was at WBLO briefly.
    He was on kfsx the fan when I lived in Portland.
    Bill Kim was at WBLO when I moved back and he worked there as well.
    Julie Luck was also a anchor at channel 12 in Portland.
    I really miss having a good sports station around.

  2. How did those guys Amazon and Kim sound while they were out in Portland? I thought they did a good job here and still don’t know why they were let go.

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