After doing a hack job on the Charlotte Coliseum, the News & Record changed its tone with this puff piece about Charlotte and the ACC.

“Now with a great building with so many fans who are able to stay downtown and walk to the games, it’s a different experience in Charlotte than it has ever been before,” ACC Commissioner John D. Swofford said Friday.
“There’s a lot of energy in this city.”

How can we counter this attempt??? We MUST act now. BJ Barnes needs a new jail so here’s what we do…
1. Tear down the Melvin Municipal Building (don’t worry, Jim will get another one). Take the entire block.
2. Build a new coliseum there. We can take money assigned to build schools to make it happen. I’m sure Mitch Johnson can pull that one off.
3. The old coliseum will become the new jail.
4. So vote for all the school bonds cause we need a new coliseum to keep from losing the ACC Tournament to Charlotte.

(Note: This is as reasonable as whatever they really come up with to keep Charlotte from taking the ACC Tournament.)

One thought on “Time To Move The Coliseum – BOND ISSUE NEEDED IMMEDIATELY

  1. They tore down the Charlotte Coliseum Don. The ACC Tournament is in Charlotte Bobcats Arena.

    I know it’s a little late, but I just thought I’d give you a shot at calling it the right name once out of the four days.

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