Don’t Forget The Women’s Basketball Tournament

There’s been some discussion in the forum regarding the NCAA Regional Games being held in Greensboro NEXT weekend. It seems that the committee “gods” overlooked Greensboro by placing the Tar Heels in New Orleans, eliminating Greensboro from hosting the Lady Heels. Duke was sent to Oklahoma City – another snub of Greensboro.

Greensboro could host Liberty (just up the road) or Virginia (also just up the road).

Despite the fact that there are effectively no local favorites playing in Greensboro, there will still be some very good women’s basketball played here. We might not know the names, but you will be able to recognize talent. It will be interesting to see what the coliseum does to generate some local excitement for the tournament. (Sorry, the Block Party doesn’t count, unless they bump up the selling job at the Block Party.)

Another Womens Basketball Note: Hoop Gurlz – the website that tracks college womens basketball recruiting was recently purchased by ESPN.

One thought on “Don’t Forget The Women’s Basketball Tournament

  1. This is going to be a disaster. The Men’s tournament wouldn’t sell out if the local favorites weren’t featured, and it will be worse for the women’s. I can see Matt Brown calling the Women’s Committee, wanting to know what the heck happened, and explaining basic business practices to them “We need to SELL tickets, so we don’t LOSE money!” The Commitee replies, “Look at the schedule, the Eastern Region Finals are for April 1. APRIL FOOLS GREENSBORO”

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