Update on Proehlific Power Baseball

This team will be coached by:

Head Coach: Justin Smith

Assistant Coaches: Bob Sublett, Johnny Smith, and Jeff Wilson

They will compete in about 50 games this summer. They will be one of the elite teams in the country. Not only will this team play top amateur teams it will also play a bunch of college teams. This will be an elite program and if you are interested in knowing more please email us at

Also anyone interested in advertising on the radio for their 12 games please contact Justin Smith at Also any donations can please be made to Piedmont Triad Amateur Baseball. We will be participating in the Memorial Weekend Tourney in Hickory North Carolina as well as the Top 48 teams in country tournament in Omaha Nebraska. At this tournament our kids will play as well attend the college World Series. Any teams that need games this summer please feel free to call we are free for several dates. I hope to make this a national contender year in and year out.

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  1. man this is looking like it might be a big deal? So what is happening to the other team that they have been coaching

  2. They are still talking about continuing the Guilford Patriots and we need a contact phone number because I had a player inquire today about wanting to play for the PATS. He used to play for the United Eagles.

  3. A contact number for Guilford Patriots is justin Smith still. his number is 336 254 3625 call him he can guide you with all information

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