Flair can’t do Anything any more, He is Old Yeller…..

Ric Flair has looked terrible on television in recent weeks, in fact Flair has been in a tailspin for the past 5 years. Once Ric Flair hit his fifties it’s like he fell apart. This man looks sick, he has disintegrated. Flair is Old Yeller and the WWE is doing a pathetic job of closing out his career if that is really going to be his last match at Wrestlemania this Sunday.

Couldn’t the WWE find a better way to help Old Yeller go out? The should have put Flair out to pasture a long time ago. Why didn’t Old Yeller go out while he was still somehwere near the top of Space Mountain? Flair should have been put out of his misery many years sooner. It is a bad sign when the owner of the company(Vince McMahon) is in great shape and Old Yeller(Ric Flair) looks like he hasn’t taken excercise since Carter left office. Come on Ric, you could have done some type of workout in the past 25 years!!!!! Didn’t you even watch one of those Subway commercials?

Flair had his day, but that was back in the day when Gearld Ford was falling down stairs and hitting people upside the head with golf balls. All of the old farts that Flair used to battle look like they should be in line over at Forbis and Dick Guilford Chapel and the good old days don’t mean nothing on this Tuesday after the last Raw before Wrestlemania.

Old Yellar has been washed up for a long time and his closing comments should have come our way about ten years earlier. I would be afraid to get in the ring with the “Nature Boy” these days in fear that I might catch something. Ric Flair looks sick and he needs help and the sooner they put him out of his misery, the better, for Old Yeller.

Bruce Mitchell(pwtorch.com) one of the most respected wrestling writers of our time and a coffeehouse junkie sees the end of Ole’ Yeller in a totally different way and Bruce has covered this subject for many, many years and he, like Flair, is starting to show the wear and tear of the hard life along the side of the road.

Here is Bruce’s take on Ric Flair with Shawn Michaels on WWE Raw last night:

One last time: “The Nature” Boy Ric Flair.

It starts with someone else’s idea of what and who Ric Flair is – a guy who’s worried about whether people respect him, who doesn’t know whether he could beat Mr. McMahon, and who’s mad at his friend Shawn Michaels. Flair is carrying something in a velvet bag.

The Heartbreak Kid comes out. It gets good.

It gets great.

Ric Flair cuts his own promo, with all the pride and passion he always had as the greatest talker of them all. He pulls his original NWA Title belt out – the one that Terry Funk and Harley Race carried – and tells of that engine that drove him to face Dusty Rhodes and the Funks and the Briscos and Ricky Steamboat and Sting and Bruiser Brody. He wants the Show Stoppa’ to bring it all on the grandest stage – he needs it one last time.

Michaels matches him, playing it perfectly – letting his emotions roil across his face. Then he pulls out his gun and shoots Ric Flair right between the eyes.

He asks Flair if he remembers the old Disney movie “Ol’ Yeller.”

“Everyone loved that dog, but when the time came, they put it out of its misery.

“Well, Ol’ Yeller…”

Flair goes off. He slaps Michaels across the face three times. “Put Ol’ Yeller out of his misery right now!” Michaels tells Flair he’ll do it Sunday.

Michaels leaves.


*****I hope that Old Yeller(Ric Flair) has acquired a sizeable new oxygen tank for Sunday’s match.*****

3 thoughts on “Flair can’t do Anything any more, He is Old Yeller…..

  1. Flair looks like he is 79…..If I look that bad at 59 please just shoot me and put me out of my misery.

    Flair looks terrible and he needs to see a doctor. Old Yeller needs help….

  2. Coming from a person who has been watching “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair for the past 23 years I am appauled at the fact that you think that Ric should have left 10 years ago. Reguarding your comparison of Ric Flair to Mr. McMahon….of course McMahon would look younger and healthier than Ric….HE HASN’T WRESTLED HIS ASS OFF FOR THE PAST 35 YEARS!!!!! You have some pretty big brass balls for talking about the GREATEST wrestler of all time the way you have. What in the hell have YOU done with YOUR life that took the toll of emotional drain, physical abuse, and family hardships such as not seeing your family the way that Ric Flair has and is doing?????? I dare you to speak to any of the WWE superstars and state the way that you feel and watch how many of them would tell you where to go and how to get there before they turned thier back and walked away. I dare you to walk ONE DAY in the shoes of “The Nature Boy”….you couldn’t handle it and wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

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