From the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament…..

NO TIES: Two coaches went without a tie on the bench Thursday night and they both lost.

Washington State’s Tony Bennett went with an open-collared shirt and suit jacket in the Cougars’ 68-47 loss to North Carolina.

West Virginia’s Bob Huggins had a T-shirt under his sports jacket as the Mountaineers fell 79-75 to Xavier in overtime.

Seems that was knot the correct fashion decision.

*****from the NCAA Web Site.*****

The Tar Heels played excellet defense, Tennessee looked like they were running a fire drill and the Vols were totally out of control, you wished that Sean Miller could have bought a home in Raleigh and that he was wearing the Red and White instead of Sidney Lowe and don’t forget the Davidson Willdcats(28-6) are back at it tonight vs. Wisconsin(31-4).

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  1. andy – can anybody stop these tarheels? they look like a team on a mission – davidson will go down fighting tonite-they made a name for davidson-especially dell currys son

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