When Ric Flair loses, who else suffers?

When Ric Flair loses his match to Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania on Sunday, Ric Flair suffers because his professional wrestling career is over, unless he wants to start up a Backyard League for senior citizens in Kannapolis. It’s all set to end for the “Nature Boy” on Sunday and he is due to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame tonight(Saturday).

With Flair’s long and illustrious career coming to a close who else will suffer from the immediate fallout?

Bruce Mitchell:nothing to write about any more, now that “Naitch” has been put out to pasture. What will the “King of the Ring Reporters” do? This is all that Bruce has lived and followed for the past 40 years and the thought comes up, “should Mitchell join Flair at the Haven of Rest Retirement Center”?

Cecil Carr:The Diesel won’t be able to ride around town(Greensboro) yelling wooooooooooooooooooooooooo to all those who would choose to listen any more. That’s what Carr said made him, what He is Today, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The Troublemaker:He won’t be able to show his NWA replica belt at his blog site any more. The “Nature Boy” will be taking that belt and he’ll put it in a trunk up in his attic in Charlotte. Pictures of this belt on Web blogs will no longer be allowed and if you show it on your site, you will get in trouble, Troublemaker.

John Hitchcock:He must close his “Parts Unknown” comic book store forever, Sunday at 9pm, right after Flair loses to Michaels. No more Flair, no more “Legion of Heroes”.

Mike Barber:Mike will lose valuable minutes and hours from his time spent as a local attorney. With Flair’s career over, Barber must take over as full-time Mayor of Greensboro, with Flair stepping aside, who else but Mike will be there to protect the people of our Flair city?

Pat McCrory:Now that Flair has time to enter the political arena the kid(McCrory) from Ragsdale HS in Jamestown can not be elected governor. Flair runs for Governor and wins. McCory loses important votes and comes in second.

Don Moore:Flair is gone and all of the Ric Flair’s Golds Gyms are gone too. Out of business and Don won’t be able to shed that 150 pounds that Flair had promised he could help Don lose if Flair was able to stay in the wrestling and health club business until he(Flair) reached 89. Better call $5.00 Jerry over at the Subway.

Dan Grondy:Diamond Dan loses because his man Flair is headed down the River and the way it was in NASCAR, when the daddy was gone, you had to pull for Junior. Reid Flair is training in the WWE Florida developmental territory and all Ric Flair fans will be instructed by Daddy to pull for Junior. ‘Rasslin, Racin’ and Reid, the 3R’s never sounded so well together, right Double D?

Arn Anderson:The only reason Double A still had a job the past 15 years is because Ric Flair chose to stay in the business. Up, up, and away with Double A, Arn Anderson. Anderson loses his job when Flair is told to clean out his locker on Sunday night.

Charles Robinson:What is “Little Naitch”, Ric Flair’s own personal referee, to do when the “Nature Boy” calls it quits after buying the last round late Sunday evening/early Monday morning???????

Ricky Steamboat:Flair said his toughest matches ever were with Ricky”The Dragon” Steamboat. That is the last time we will have to hear that old worn-out story for a long, long time. Steamboat loses, but we become winners, because we don’t have to hear those tall tales any more.

Your local Circle K and 711’s:No more Flair matches on TV and all the coveinence stores will have to shut down on Monday night because the Flair fans won’t be coming in to stock up on their favorite beverages. The Kwick Pick/Flash Market/Handi Mart on Holden Road near Smith High School was famous for selling out of Budwiser on Monday nights when Ric Flair was wrestling on TV, and on Saturday nights when the old Mid-Atlantic wrestling men would come to the Greensboro Coliseum, you couldn’t get into the parking lot at that Magic Market after the NWA matches.

Greg Johnson:Greg followed Ric Flair everywhere the “Nature Boy” went. Everything Ric did, Greg did. Every move Ric made, Greg duplicated that same move. Greg Johnson was a huge Ric Flair fan and now that Flair is gone, can Greg stand up and be accounted for and jump up in the air and yell WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just like Ric Flair used to do…………………………….

*****Used to do. It’s over and it is time to move on. Flair is gone but you still have GREENSBOROSports.com and my outstading writing to carry all of you to the top of Mount Mitchell, Bruce. And Cecil, Troublemaker, John, Mike, Pat, Don, Dan, Arn, Charles, Ricky, Circle K, 711, and Greg.*****

3 thoughts on “When Ric Flair loses, who else suffers?

  1. Why should Ric Flair retire? Andy is older than he is and he hasn’t.

    What’s the difference between the Nature Boy and Jock Lobotomata?

    Ric Flair bought a round.

  2. There’s no stopping Ric Flair on Sunday night.


  3. I can smell what Frank and Bruce are cooking. Flair is and always will be the man.

    Flair said to be the man you had to beat the man and FLAIR IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!

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