The Rock leaves crowd in Shock

It’s tough to turn back the clock, but “The Rock” found time to mock Chris Jericho’s haircut and to knock John Cena’s acting and the crowd at the WWE Hall of Fame banquet found Rocky to be a bit cocky and the Rock sent the gathering into a state of Shock and had WWE officials wishing they could apply the hammerlock to the Rock and never invite Mr. Johnson to their party again.

“The Rock”, another former jock, that needs to be shoved off of the dock and into the deep blue sea. Or as some readers might concur:an out of work jerk, in search of a perk, who went berserk. SHOCKING

Here’s the insides from Wade Keller at

Duane Johnson, known in WWE of course as “The Rock,” did not leave a positive impression on wrestlers at the Hall of Fame banquet on Saturday night.

Multiple sources report he did not hob-nob with old friends before or after the Hall of Fame speech. He showed up in time for the speech, delivered an overly-long speech that offended many in WWE, and then left.

He came across as “aloof” and “totally Hollywood,” as if he were “above WWE now,” including all of his colleagues. This surprisingly included one-time good pal Steve Austin, who was said to be openly displeased and taken aback by Johnson’s demeanor.

“This wasn’t a roast,” says one wrestler in attendance. “This was supposed to be a tribute to his dad and grandfather. Instead, he did an hour plus of comedy, running way long, then did a short tribute to his dad and grandfather, then left. It was rude of him.”

The ceremony ran way over the planned length in great part due to Rock’s speech. Ric Flair also ran long, but everyone was more forgiving of that since it was his night.

Afterward, everyone backstage shared in their disappointment and disgust with how he acted. The feeling was, even if he has heat with some higher-ups in WWE for some reason, he had no reason to treat old friends like discards from a past life.

Several people expressed in front of the Hall of Fame crowd derision toward him afterward, including mocking how particular he was about being called Duane Johnson, not The Rock. Dusty Rhodes took a dig at him that did make it to the USA Network telecast.

The Rock did not attend WrestleMania, either.