We do reach the people:Mike Maloy responds/Ric Flair fan reacts

From the article on “The Best Davidson Wildcats”, former ‘Cat Mike Maloy’s son weighs in and he likes what he has been seeing in the blogs and stories about his dad, a three-time All-American for the Wildcats……

Thanks for the great article! I’ve been enjoying the stories from people as they reminisce about my father and his teammates.

Sincerely, Michael A. Maloy

On the article, “Flair can’t do anything any more, He is Old Yeller”….. A Ric Flair fan checks in and she has a totally different take on what’s being said at GREENSBOROSports.com, Melissa says:

Coming from a person who has been watching “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair for the past 23 years I am appauled at the fact that you think that Ric should have left 10 years ago. Reguarding your comparison of Ric Flair to Mr. McMahon….of course McMahon would look younger and healthier than Ric….HE HASN’T WRESTLED HIS ASS OFF FOR THE PAST 35 YEARS!!!!! You have some pretty big brass balls for talking about the GREATEST wrestler of all time the way you have. What in the hell have YOU done with YOUR life that took the toll of emotional drain, physical abuse, and family hardships such as not seeing your family the way that Ric Flair has and is doing?????? I dare you to speak to any of the WWE superstars and state the way that you feel and watch how many of them would tell you where to go and how to get there before they turned thier back and walked away. I dare you to walk ONE DAY in the shoes of “The Nature Boy”….you couldn’t handle it and wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

Flair and his associates have been sleeping while I have been working….Flair WAS a GREAT ONE back in his NWA Mid-Atlantic days but what will we remember about his time spent in the WWE?. He helped a lot of young wrestlers but what did he do? Flair’s best night in the WWE was last night with the Tribute portion of the Monday Night Raw. It was great to see Tully Blanchard, JJ Dillon, Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, Greg Valentine, Barry Windam, Harley Race, and where were Tommy Young and Blackjack Mulligan?

Will you really remember Flair as locked-in member of the WWE or will he always have a place in your Ring of Honor as the NWA Champion from the Mid-Atlantic territory with the hot-bed of wrestling being the GREENSBORO COLISEUM??????????

Also, what were John Cena and Chris Jericho doing up in the ring with Flair last night? They should have been on the outside looking up at him. Flair’s family(wife and kids) should have been announced last.

Ric Flair WAS A GREAT ONE but if he were trying to wear my shoes and keep up my training rituals these days, he wouldn’t be able to stand up……….


  1. This crowd is coming my way. I got the people right where I want them and our strategy for 2008 is working fine. Mark Madden would be proud of us and our approach.

  2. Hi Ric Flair,

    this is just to let you know that Mike Maloy passed away on Feb. 3rd 2009 in Vienna, Austria.
    I had the pleasure to know him for 25 years and to have been coached on and off the floor by him.

    I do not know if Mike kept in touch with his family in the States. So please if you have the change inform his son/family about his death.
    Feel free to give them my email address if the want to know more.



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