Bracket Contest Standings (Top 10) Entering Tonight’s Final Game

The NCAA Bracket Contest is drawing to a close. With only the National Championship Game to be played, we have a pretty tight race at the top. Below are the Top Ten in the contest as they stand right now.

Rank Name Score Champion

1 Joel Berghoff 128 Memphis (150)
2 Doug Smith 113 Memphis (164)
3 Rob Seib 108 Kansas (135)
4 Tyler Schloss 105 North Carolina (146)
5 Eric Freeman 104 Kansas (149)
5 Steve Brown 104 UCLA (169)
7 Mary Via 103 41 Memphis (137)
8 Jeremy McDowell 97 Memphis (150)
8 ryan perdue 97 Kansas (154)
10 Beth Foote 93 Texas (136)
10 Don Moore 93 Memphis (85)


  1. That is correct. If Memphis wins, Joel edges out Doug. If Kansas wins, Rob will edge out Eric and Ryan. By your screenname, I am guessing that you will be pulling for Kansas?

  2. What!!!??? UNC lost?????? Damn, if I wasn’t relying on for all my info, I might have seen something about it.

  3. I think UNC Tarheels play Eastern Guilford Wildcats tonight. After watching saturdays game I will take Eastern winning by 5.

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