Your morning cup of juice and a side of DUI from our good friends at the WWE…..

from the with Wade Keller and James Caldwell comes this new wakeup call:

There are reports out of Atlanta this morning providing more information on the home in Locust Grove, Ga. where HGH, steroids, and WWE-related paperwork was found by the current homeowner.

As reported yesterday, current ECW wrestler Mike Knox is linked to the house along with three other former WWE-contracted wrestlers. The house was rented by the four wrestlers for its proximity to the Deep South Wrestling training school that was formerly affiliated with WWE, before being sold to the homeowner, Judson Powell.

Powell said he found 20 syringes and several vials possibly containing performance-enhancing drugs including HGH and steroids. Also found in shoeboxes were WWE contracts, the dress code memo from 2004, and pay stubs.

WWE is co-operating with Georgia investigators, who are now determining whether the material found in the vials is performance-enhancing drugs. Investigators believe the drugs were from the SportsMed Science clinic in Florida, which shut down after an unlicensed doctor sold drugs to an undercover police officer.

With the source of drugs coming from a non-reputable source, the missing piece of information in the timeline is whether the drugs were acquired and used prior to or after WWE instituted their Wellness Policy.

The Tampa Tribune published more details on former WWE star Andrew “Test” Martin’s DUI in Florida this past weekend. Martin was pulled over at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday morning when troopers spotted a “reckless vehicle” near a subdivision in Tampa. The police report stated Martin was “unsteady and shaking” when he stepped out of the vehicle and he agreed to a field sobriety test, which he failed.

The police report also indicates Martin was falling asleep in the police vehicle on the way to being booked in jail. “Considering I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs I don’t know how the DUI is going to stand,” Martin told the Tribune on Monday.