Northwest Guilford at Grimsley on radio today…

The major Metro 4-A matchup between NWG and Grimsley can be heard today on local radio at 5:30 pm on AM950. NWG enters at (11-4) and Grimsley checks in at (10-5). If the conference numbers we have been seeing are right then NWG stands at (3-1) and Grimsley(2-2) in the Metro. East Forsyth has been cruising along at (4-0).

Who will get the call to pitch today for their respective teams? It looks like the lean is toward Logan Self for NWG and Jon Wilkinson for Grimsley. These same two teams played last Wednesday out at NWG and the final was tight, 5-4 NWG with the win. On that day NWG turned in a couple of stellar plays defensively to help seal the victory.

Those we know that have to show:For NWG it will take solid efforts from Logan Self, Alex Swim, Robbie McIntosh, Omar de la Rosa, Tommy Plante, Eric Presnell, Phillip Dixon, Corey McKinney, and the rest of the team, well one of the fans will have to fill in the rest of the blanks. For Grimsley, they will need a big day from Gabe Dimock, Pat Oechsli, Cal Sutphin, Matt Nettesheim, George Carter, LaShawn Brown, Andrew Faircloth, Andrew Justice, Mr. Wilkinson, and the others, we’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Very big game today, and again you can catch it at 5:30 on AM950 radio with the pre-game and the pitch is scheduled for 6pm at Grimsley with the Whirlies and the Vikings. Andy Durham and Jim Modlin on the call…..

2 thoughts on “Northwest Guilford at Grimsley on radio today…

  1. Grimsley did great. Jonathan Wilkinson got a great win for the Whirlies. Grimsley played great defense, had a great comeback, and deserved the conference win. George Carter came in strong in the 5th inning and finished strong. Logan Self pitched great for Northwest as well. All I have to say is, GO WHIRLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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