Ric Flair goes to Congress

U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick honored Ric Flair Tuesday in Congress. Speaking to the House of Representatives on the House floor, Myrick read a statement on Flair’s accomplishments in pro wrestling, including being the first active member of WWE’s Hall of Fame.

“I would like to honor the career of a man whom I am proud to call both a constituent and a friend,” Myrick began. “He will forever be known as an innovator, a pioneer, and perhaps the greatest that his industry has ever seen. By any standard, Ric Flair is a living legend.”

Myrick, who is representative of the 9th district in North Carolina, concluded with a trademark “Whoo!” after saying Flair’s mere presence evokes joy and emotion wherever he goes. “Today I honor the outstanding career of the “Nature Boy”—and congratulate Charlotte’s favorite son—Ric Flair,” she said.
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