Styles out/Adamle in at ECW:Keller comments…

from Wade Keller publisher of

WWE has replaced Joey Styles as lead play-by-play voice of ECW with Mike Adamle. Styles has been the “voice of ECW” throughout most of its two eras. Adamle was recently hired to interview wrestlers on Raw and be groomed for a potential main announcer slot down the line.

Wade Keller’s Analysis: Styles had been doing a fine job commenting on ECW recently. He also was a whipping boy for Vince McMahon on headsets. Although there isn’t any word yet that there was a conflict behind the scenes, it might have gotten to the point where Styles finally stood up for himself and this is his punishment.


  1. Want me to make a couple of phone calls for ya Andy, see if there’s any interest?

    I’ve listened to you for years, and you’re every bit the broadcaster Mike Adamle is.

  2. Thanks for the pop. I need to keep my options open. You never know when I might need to get out of here in hurry…..

    There are still good people out there, like Bruce Mitchell and JBL.

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