N&R selling beer to high schoolers?

When I went over to check on some high school baseball scores today at www.news-record.com the Curious George in me stepped up and started asking questions again. The questions don’t have anything to do with the journalistic work that is turned in by the News and Record, I was just very curious why the N&R would have a Miller Beer ad on the high school sports page at the newspapers’s web site.

The Miller Beer ad was there loud and clear saying, “Live the Life, Get the Gear, Join the High Life Extras Program”…..

They prominently displayed what appeared to be 12 ounze bottles of Miller High Life beer and the ad was saying Get the Gear and it may as well have said Drink the Beer with those two large bottles staring right at you.

If you did the click on to learn more this message came up:

“While we can’t tell immediately that you’re a no-nonsence type of person you do know you have to be 21 or over to live the high life”.

You may not be able to buy it but you can drink it if somebody will get it for you and the News and Record will promote it to the high schoolers on the web site section designed for high school content only.

I for one don’t think the Miller High Life ad needs to be on the High School page and if they say the ad is just promoting Miller gear and not Miller Beer, I don’t think that arguement holds water.

The point in question is not a problem with the N&R sports section and it’s sports content, their work is one of the few outlets we have left and without them there’s not a level information surface. The problem is with the ad content and maybe they can answer why the Miller Beer ad is up on the High School only page.

Just asking a few questions and looking for a few answers and for some good healthy discussion.

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  1. C’mon Andy, what high schooler isn’t drinking beer? If your high schooler were only drinking beer I would think you’d be in pretty good shape. Who that reads this site didn’t drink beer in high school? They are just trying to sell to the correct market, give them a break. Besides, just because there is an ad doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it.

  2. So now we take the approach, everybody’s doing it so it must be OK.

    I have to believe this is some sort of rotating web ad and the N&R would rather that it ddidn’t show up on their high school only sports web page….

    If we are marketing beer directly to high schoolers, I believe we have a problem.

    It’s tough enough for the kids today with all the choices they have to make and I don’t feel extra beer ads are going to help them on the road to success or make the choices any easier to handle.

    A good thought for the day:As a high school kid, steer clear of BEER and let the High Life be a trip to Grandfather Mountain….

  3. Our kids don’t need to be drinking no beers and the newspaper sure don’t need to be marketing no beers to kids on line or in print.

    We used to have under age kids coming into our place trying to snatch up beers all the time and it has to stop and buck stops on the home front. The parents need to get in touch with their kids and keep track of what they are up to.

    Barry S. former bartender at Suds and Duds near UNCG

  4. The problem isn’t underage drinking, the problem is this nation of paranoia. The only reason underage drinking is such a big problem in this country is because we make it such a taboo. In countries in Europe they let very young children drink wine with dinner. If you make something seem evil and mischievous of course teens are going to do it the first chance they get. On the other hand if you teach them from a young age how to handle it and that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they learn a lot more from it without killing themselves. That being said, or course that ad shouldn’t be on the site, thats ridiculous…

  5. Andy, you’re from the Southeast Guilford area so you should be happy that the N&R is promoting beer rather than wine coolers. Now the high school baseball players can comsume a real beverage rather than those sissy drinks they were caught with last year. “Smirnoff-gate” can be replaced by “Keg-gate” and immediately followed by “Championship Choke”.

  6. LUKE 6:37
    Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.
    JOHN 8:7
    … he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone..

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