Local baseball team on 102 JAMZ this morning…

The Grimsley Whirlies were on 102 JAMZ radio this morning and I hope all went well. Did anyone hear the show? I received this note yesterday from Jon Wilkinson and would have got this up sooner but I was away from the E-mail until this morning. Let’s hope the broadcast was a good one and let us know if you tuned in and we appreciate your evaluation.

I was listening to an interview on radio this morning with Republican candidate for governor Fred Smith. I read his book last week and was interested in what he had to say on the radio. I was also checking out the new WAAA 980AM which is now WTIX 980AM and they are playing the best in classic black gospel music. The Triple A station has been around for many years coming out of Winston-Salem and now they are back as WTIX. It is always neat to hear a station come back from the ashes and the black gospel format has always been a big draw on AM radio in Winston and around the Triad. The 980AM signal comes in loud and clear in Greensboro in the daytime.

Here’s that note from JW and we again hope the guys from Grimsley had a good time on the 102JAMZ Morning Show.

I am a baseball player for Grimsley and I thought you may be interested to hear that our baseball team is going on 102 Jamz, the Greensoboro Hip-Hop radio station tommorow around 7:30 or 8:00. Our team is extremely excited over this because 102.1 is the most popular radio station for people our age. I enjoy your articles and hope that our team can make one more run before this is all over.