This just in from Coach Ashkinazy:102 JAMZ Tonight…

Andy- The 102Jamz thing is tonight, not this morning. It will air around 8:00 pm.

We just received this note from the Grimsley Whirlies baseball coach Alan Ashkinazy and the Grimsley baseball team will be on 102JAMZ Tonight and we didn’t miss it this morning. We usually think of the stations having the special guests in on the Morning Shows but this will go down on the evening show and I for one, will be tuned in.

The Grimsley football coach Mark Saunders and one of his football players were the guests on WNAA 90.1, the N.C. A&T campus station back in the fall, and I heard some of the parents were mad because they only let one player come on the show with the coach and they didn’t let the coach go into enough detail about all of his players, just a few guys got mentioned.

I hope Grimsley can get the entire team into the 102JAMZ station out near the Airport and I have a feeling that Coach Alan Ashe can pull all of this off. Double A, Alan Ashkinazy is a radio veteran.

The original note from senior Jon Wilkinson, one of the top pitchers on the Whirlies staff and a left-hander with one of the most unique deliveries you’ll ever see. JW:

I am a baseball player for Grimsley and I thought you may be interested to hear that our baseball team is going on 102 Jamz, the Greensoboro Hip-Hop radio station Wednesday, at around 7:30 or 8:00.(Tonight) Our team is extremely excited over this because 102.1 is the most popular radio station for people our age. I enjoy your articles and hope that our team can make one more run before this is all over.
*****Remember that’s tonight at around 8pm on 102JAMZ, “The Triad’s Hip Hop Station”.*****